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Wolverine's Mutton Chops To Hugh Jackman: 'This Ain't Over, Bub'


Reading progress update: I've read 33%.

The Needle's Eye - Lani Lenore

That f*****g BASTARD!

I want him dead. And I want it to be slow! -_-



Which can be complicated due to reasons...

Don't care: He can be turned into a marshmallow in HELL.

Or into a grilled... WORM.

That would work as well.

I don't know

Made for Sin - Stacia Kane

Thing is, I love the author's "Downside Ghosts" series. Even when the thing is breaking my heart, I am loving it. From the plot, to the amazing characters, not forgetting that amazing setting, that series is a must to all urban fantasy addicts.

And then you start reading this, and you have to adjust your expectations, because when it comes down to the characters, this story feels too paranormal romance, and I've stopped being a fan of it...

"Made for Sin" had a potentially amazing storyline. Not that it hasn't been done before, but, this is queen Stacia Kane, so yeah, great expectations.

The idea of a normal guy having to share his body, more precisely his mind with a Demon is a great one, and the author knows how to write: this was an engaging story from first page to last.

Thing is, I didn't care about the characters.

I didn't even memorized their names: his seemed to come from an old noir movie. Hers? Well it could be at home in "Lord of The Rings". lol


So E.L. Speare is supposed to be this big shot PI who occasionally does the dirty jobs of this Mafia boss guy. Also, he may be related to said Mafia guy, so things are even more complicated, as if hosting a Demon in his head wasn't enough trouble already.


We get the story from Speare's pov, but the thing is, at time he felt way too young for all that he had gone through. I don't know if it was just me, but with the exception of the steamy parts, he felt a little too YA: too emo. I got a little tired of being in his head.


As for Ardeth, most of the times she was just this red haired Barby, with the great body, and with a plastic personality. She's supposed to be this master thief, but it was hard to get on board with that, since she spends most of the time bickering with Speare.

And it isn't as if that bickering led to great sexual tension. Because it didn't!

Most of the times they just came out as two (okay, she more than him) stubborn, moronic people, wasting time on frivolities. Yes, Ardeth, I'm looking at you.


The plot was nicely done in a macabre way. Think Buffy and the Initiative episodes...


Towards the end, the pace picks up a little more, the story becomes more interesting with possibilities, some truths were revealed, and the pages flew faster.

I don't know if this is going to be a series, but if so, I really hope Ardeth gets a new personality. That, or that we get a new leading lady.

As for the ending, there's no cliffhanger, but there are obvious possibilities for this to get turned into a series.

Although, I would definitely prefer a new "Downside Ghost" book.


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Release Date: August 30th


Note to self: please re-read the whole series

Full of Briars: An October Daye Novelette - Seanan McGuire

What can I say?

My memory kind of sucks, so I really should have re-read the previous book before going into this new short story.

But even so, it isn't as if I don't "know" the characters and their peculiar "traits".

As such it was funny ( I must share Mae's sense of humour) to see Quentin's fretting about Toby meeting his parents. As always, Tybalt's nonchalance to everything "no cat... and Toby" related was a pleasure to read.

As for Tybalt's nephew, that "kitty cat" needs some boundaries. Crazy cat!

As for the ending, it took me a little by surprise. Did I forgot about it in the previous books?

Had there been signs of that relationship? Because I don't remember anything, but sometimes I feel as if I am going senile, so...

Full of Briars: An October Daye Novelette - Seanan McGuire

Mae has just asked Quentin's mother if she's ever watched Buffy, because she sees herself as some sort of Dawn. lol


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Tower of Thorns - Juliet Marillier

I reckon that one day, Grim will be finished with that god damn roof, -_-

A Witch's Kitchen

A Witch's Kitchen - Dianna Sanchez B.S.

This was actually pretty good. Very well written, with an interesting set of characters and a well thought world building. I think that, actual middle graders will love it. As for us adults, who read middle grade, this might read "too young", but like I said, it has a lot of positive points. In fact it ended up being better than a lot of the so called adult contemporary books that I read.

Millie is a sweet character who loves to bake... like, the girl REALLY likes to bake: Masterchef level.
Unfortunately she doesn't share the same success when it comes to all magical things, much to her mother's disappointment. But at least the mother doesn't have to cook...
Also, Millie's food is go good that she even got a ghost addicted to it! lol

One day, things change, and Millie sees her routine altered: from now on she will be enrolled in a magical school. More out of a political stance taken by her family ( her grandmother is a big shot in Millie's world), than actually concern for her education. You see, young witches are normally home-schooled.
Once Millie joins school the fun begins ( not a very heavy handed message, though ;)
There she'll meet new friends and discover all her potential ( I know. But it is done well!), although not everything will run smoothly...
The description of the school, with all its magical characteristics was done really well. In fact I would love to see that magical giant tree on the cover of this book. More colour, it would probably attract younger readers.
As for the ending, I found it a little too well wrapped, but all in all, this was a really good story.
Definitely recommended. Especially if you have kids that like to read about magical beings.

Freebie... for only a couple more hours

Jack and Jill - Lani Lenore


I really liked " Roses and Black Glass" by the author, so sharing this one with you guys in case anyone is interested in it.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet - Charlie N. Holmberg

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I'm afraid that the only positive remark I can write about this story (without revealing the WHOLE PLOT)... is that it didn't make me want to set it on fire. -_-
In the same state of mind, I have to mention that it never pissed me off... much.
No, wait there was that time in which the character... you know what? Never mind.

Truth is, I found it incredibly boring and many were the times in which I almost DNF it.
The beginning, and really, I am talking about the very first pages weren't bad: I like a mystery
 just like every one else, but then things got so strange in a, "oh, here's a few crumbs of different colours and textures, and I know that nothing makes sense, but you'll keep on reading, right?", meaning that I only reached the last page by pure stubbornness. When I want, I can be the queen of stubborn people.
There were no tangible facts: no world building. There was also a strange mish mash of stories, and concepts, to which I never warmed up to.
The characters, with the exception of Maeve, were pretty forgetful, and the whole abstract feel of the story, didn't help the matter.
The romance was dealt in a pretty meh way, especially for people who are supposed to be... who they are. Yes, I am being  vague on purpose.
In the end, when I found out about why our character had done what she did _ ????_ was when I got a little pissed off, because I felt that different concepts had been completely mixed ( human and not so human)... and I don't know how to be more clear without spoiling the whole thing. But I felt that I was being somewhat preached ( as a woman) and I had a huge problem with that.
Not for me, I'm afraid: for me, strange does not a book make.
And here it is: a confusing book review for a strange story concept.

Reading progress update: I've read 65%.

Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

She had to do it again. -_-

Unbelievable. Just when the story was getting better.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

I am now at the point in which I want to punch this girl.


I took a chance with this book, because I read some posts from the author on FB, and she was saying things like how this book was about rescued dogs, and books... and she named her main character after her DOG: and Alice Hoffman loves her dog so much that  my twisted brain translated that to, "Oh, this is going to be a lovely book".


I am bloody stupid. -______________________-

 I have to seriously question my judgement: would I take so much shit from a different "story" who presented such an excuse for a character?

I don't think so.

I've read 20%

Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

Things I should know when reading an Alice Hoffman's story or why I should avoid her latest stories...


First of all, you know when people say "when it pours it rains."?

Well, in Alice Hoffman's stories particular situation, not only does it rain, it thunders.

Then it has some cyclones thrown in there just for the shock of the thing...

Some flooding because Heaven forbid the main character from having a moment of calm sea. Maybe some cans of pepper spray thrown just randomly, just to keep the insanity of the thing from not abating...


Why, oh why, can't the author just stay on one depressive subject a book at a time?!

Does, she think depression isn't enough?

suicide attempts? Self cutting? She has to go and get the girl raped as well?!

(show spoiler)

And then she has to go and add some tiny little word or innuendo to breast cancer, and I hate her for it. I hate it that she still tries to romanticize something in it. In this case its because of how the character looks.

Maybe I am projecting, I don't know any more, but I've become tired of her constant stories with sick characters ( and who end up dying of breast cancer). Maybe that's her way of exorcise that "ghost" from her life, but as a reader I've had it.

People who have read her work, can probably say, "oh I bet it isn't as bad as it was on the Story sisters.."

And you would be right. I don't think nothing can be worse than that story, although I did count a great amount of people being killed on "Starlight Confessions"...

And then I get completely mad, but even so I can't stop reading.

Help! Botanic emergency!

Does anyone knows the proper way to sow leptospermums (Manuka tree? Bush Tree??)

Because I am reading what I can find about it (not much), and they say that IT'S EASY. It is not easy! o_O

I think I've must have killed at least eight shrubs. The god damn thing gets attacked by this black soot, and white things -_- and puff!

And now another one is close to demise and I have all those seeds. Those tiny, minuscule seeds, and I don't know what to do with them.

The variety I have doesn't grow all that much. They must be about two meters. And this was it looked like when it wasn't dying -_-

Red Leptospermum:


Supposedly this is it:


Oh, and apparently when it's in danger it starts releasing seed as crazy. It means the "thing" is stressed. You know who is stressed?!

I think this is my third red one. Had two whites. And three pinks...

St. Dymphna's School For Poison Girls - Angela Slatter


I am getting really tired of stories that have such great premisses _ a school for training brides into being assassins _ and then gets completely altered because of some dude that the main character has just looked upon. It gets tiresome, and honestly? Everyone's doing it. -_-
To make things even worse it just completely removes the character strength! She had a purpose. An objective. Now?
She's just pinning for some dude and backstabbing people who didn't do anything against her. -_-
Unlike what this may sound, I don't have anything against romance... if done well.
This was not the case.
Besides this aggravating point, the rest of the story was actually good :/


Uma noite para se Render - Tessa Dare


DNF at 30%

I give up. I have no will whatsoever of ever picking up this book again. The guy is a major sexist asshole and the woman is an idiot...
There's too many good books for me to read out there, and as such I refuse to spend more time with this.
Too bad; because the beginning was actually promising. Bye.


Finnegan's Field: A Tor.Com Original - Angela Slatter


This is undoubtedly the scariest thing I've ever read. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever forget it.
Not only for the extremely gory parts, but because of the feelings and the sorrow that lives in it.
I haven't read a lot of changeling stories but this one, wow, it's a slap to the face. A couple of punches to the gut until it leaves you crying on the floor.
The writing is beautiful as I've come to expect from the author, and I really have to get my hands on the author's other works... well, except for "The Bitterwood Bible and other Recountings" as well as "Sourdough and Other Stories" that seem to be more than out of print! -_-

Read it here:


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