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Will this be my first Sherry Thomas DNF?

A Study In Scarlet Women: The Lady Sherlock Series - Sherry Thomas

Let me tell you that if this wasn't an arc, I would already have given up.

Really guys, who wants to read a boring book after an amazing read?

This is so boring!! With so many boring characters... and lots of boring interrogations scenes :/

Also, I never cared about Sherlock Holmes: I Know! *collective gasp*

I feel as if I am studying trigonometry all over again!



I no longer have patience for boring books. I AM OLD!

When the Moon was Ours - Anna-Marie McLemore

All book bloggers go through it once in awhile. It's our holy grail. That elusive five star story that keeps escaping us by the turn of the pages... until it does appear, and we get all flustered and scared searching for words that will never make that story true justice. As you can see, this is one of those cases. I don't even remember any more what it was that caught my attention when requesting this title. But I am so glad that it did. If you're looking for an entrancing story with complex and diverse characters, then search no more. If to that, you're also a fan of magical realism and of beautiful writing, then you're in for a treat. Sam and Miel have been friends since "forever". Forever being, since the old water tower got destroyed, a rush of rusty water delivering this strange girl, Miel to Sam's small town. Alone and with a few bag of memories. Sam, or Samir, is the boy with the dark skin and black hair. The boy that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere: until Miel arrives. Miel, the girl with the roses growing in her wrist. Literally. And with a lot of lore attached to them. Both of them have secrets of their own. Both of them are outcasts in their own way. But one thing is constant between them: their friendship, and later on their love. Their feelings for each other, and most of all, the way they respect one another is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. How they love each other, not despite something, but because of those elements, made me fall in love with them. A wonderful story about all the different bonds of love. A story about what makes us unique. What makes us, us. Is it our bodies? The way other people perceive us? A wonderful complex story of friendship, family, love, and even witches. Witches with glass coffins and wishes that aren't theirs to hold. A story that in the end leaves us sad because it has ended. But happy for having read it. A definite must read!


And now I must go and read the author's first book asap.


   Arc Provided by Thomas Dunne Books/St Martin's Press through Netgalley


         Book Status: Already Released ( October 4th)


Author's Official Site

Spindle - Shonna Slayton

Arc Provided by Entangled Teen Through Netgalley Release Date: October 4 th This was certainly different from every single retelling that I've ever read... and for that I'm grateful. I can certainly appreciate a different take on a story inspired by a fairy tale. And this one sure is original. Time frame: end of the nineteen century. Briar Rose is a mill girl along many others. She is a sixteen year old, in charge of her younger siblings. Her reality couldn't be more distant of one of a fairy tale. Well written, this story took me back to the period of suffragettes, a time fraught with changes and possibilities. I liked imagining what it must have been like living back then. Not in a "oh, I wish I could time travel", because I am a woman and let's face it, we're still fighting for our rights... -_- I liked how the author was able to interwove some magical aspects of a fairy tale in a setting such as the one of the industrial revolution. I liked "seeing" the girls reactions to bicycles for instance. How differently the girls reacted to changes. The ones that were eager for it versus the others that kept wishing things wouldn't change. It was all great until things started being a little repetitive. But the thing that left me somewhat disappointed was the way health and magic got a little tangled... I understand why it happened, but I thought it was a little messy. Besides that, I can't help wishing that Briar wouldn't have felt so "goody two shoes". That her younger brothers hadn't been portrayed as such angels, so that maternal instincts could arise on her friends, and things like those. As for Henry I would have liked to have seen more of him. It definitely felt as if the romance was extremely downplayed, and although I don't like it when a romance takes centre stage, a middle ground could have been found. As for the ending, it felt extremely rushed, there my 3.5 rating. All in all, this was a positive experience and I'll be sure to give the author's other stories a try. Author's Official Site

A Feast of Sorrows Stories - Angela Slatter
Arc Provided by Prime Books
Released on October 4th

This is a collection of stories that feature women as the main characters
Not one of them tries to pass them as perfect, and most of the times, in their imperfections you'll find their strongest asset.
Vengeance links them throughout time and ages, despite (most of the times) not sharing a particular DNA. The language is raw and up in your face. No pretty words here to lighten up the dark in which they take place.
Infidelity, lust, perversion, greed, abuse: you'll find all of them in this collection.
A feast of sorrows this is... and what a dark feast.
This is not my first incursion into the author's writing, although unfortunately I still haven't read "Sourdough" or "Bitterwood Bible" for which I am extremely sorry.

1) Sourdough, a tale of love of vengeance. 4 Stars

"My memory is true."
A young baker, Emmeline, falls in love with a groom to be.
Imagine if you could bake your own revenge... and make it as bitter as you'd wish.

2) Dresses, Three 2.5 Stars

“Butterfly wings,” says Aurora. “A dress of butterfly wings, Cerridwen?”

Really strong beginning, but I felt as if it needed something more.
It is a tale of wishes and its consequences.

3) The Bluebeard's Daughter 5 Stars

“My father likes being married and, despite everything, he’s apparently catnip for women, whether for his fortune, castle, or the great virile bushy beard, who can say."

With traces of what I've come to associate with Snow White elements, this was unexpectedly dark.
Strong character with a strong mind. Loved it.
Rosaline is well her father's daughter ;)
That ending is a GEM.

4)The Jacaranda Wife - 4 Stars

"Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes when the winds blow right, the summer heat is kind, and the rain trickles down just-so, a woman is born of a jacaranda tree."

Men: always wanting what they can't have. -_-
Beautiful imagery in a tale as old as time: some things cannot be stopped. Or changed.

5)Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope - 3.5 Stars
A retelling of Rumpelstiltzkin.
When Alice's disgusting father announces to all the world to hear, that her daughter can spin straw into gold, the girl has to come out with a way to save her neck

6)The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter -3.5 Stars
In a world where the dead need more than a simple coffin to be put to sleep (and stay there), Hepsibah Ballantyne, is the only coffin-maker in town. That makes her extremely valuable.
Interesting story with a lesbian character, although there could have been more information about those mirrors...

7)By the Weeping Gate - 4 Stars

"She is no longer a girl who can live in the shadows, and she feels this loss."

When beauty is a curse, it will be up to the most plain of all sisters to save them...
Here is a story that I would love to know how it ends...

8) St Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls - 2 Stars
Here's a short that I've already read thanks to Tor. It started out great, but then I couldn't help feeling as if the character had changed... and not for the best.

9)By My Voice I Shall Be Known - 4 Stars

"If I still had a voice, I would cry out."

Dark. Dark. So dark. And so compelling.
Unfortunately, once again, I wanted more. This ending, as others, felt rushed.

10) Sister, Sister - 3.5 Stars
And here it is, a short that would benefited from me having read "Sourdough" and "Bitterworld Bible": or at least that is what I felt.
What if an hea comes betrayal? What will happen then to "our" princes and "princesses"?

11) The Badger Wife - 3 Stars

12) The Tallow- Wife - 4.5 Stars ( novella)
Loved this one. Can't wait to read more about Cordelia.

13) What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely - 4 Stars
A follow up of the sorts of the previous novella, but with different protagonists.

14) Bearskin - 4 Stars
Also takes place in same universe of the "The Tallow Wife".
This one follows Cordelia's younger son path.

The "Tallow Wife" novella and "What Shines Brightest Burns most fiercely" are both originals to this collection.

Can't stop listening to it.

Reading progress update: I've read 19%.

A Feast of Sorrows Stories - Angela Slatter

The Bluebeard's Daughter:

" My father likes being married and, despite everything, he's apparently catnip for women (..)"

Image result for chris O'donnell gifs brides chasing him


The Jacaranda Wife:

"For all the centuries men have dreamed of the joy of a silent wife, Willoughby discovered that the reality of one was entirely unsatisfactory ."

I've read 13%

A Feast of Sorrows Stories - Angela Slatter

I've read about four short stories, and so far they're really good.


No witless misses here. Just strong women.


I am not sure about my favourite short so far, I really liked "Sourdough", the first one, but the "Bluebeard's Daughter" carried quite a punch.

Reading progress update: I've read 6%.

The Ferryman Institute: A Novel - Colin Gigl

I really don't want to pick up this arc again :/

So far, I can't even point out anything wrong with the story, because I've just started IT! But, the thing sounds so lame with an over abundance of adjectives... it's like listening to a sound that makes you want to run. -__-

Image result for images of scratching a blackboard

The Chocolate Temptation - Laura Florand

DNF at 44%

I'm done! Patrick is such a manipulating asshole, and Sarah is just a f****k doormat ( why? Because she's Asian? :/) that at this point I just can't force myself to read another page.
And don't even get me started on sexual harassment accusations: she works under his orientation, and he has been playing with her!
So, yeah, no. You fooled me well, Patrick. I thought you were a sane/ funny kind of person.
Instead you're a manipulating psycho. -_-


Summerlong - Peter S. Beagle

It's been a few days since I finished this story, and in that moment, I gave it a three star rating. The beginning was really good; if you like beautiful writing, but in the second part the story doesn't exactly evolve. There were situations that should have been more developed, namely the ones related with the magical realism aspect. Things that happened that felt strangely out of place and that left me with a sour taste in my mouth.


Thing is, this is a quiet story that follows the lives of a couple that has been together for more than twenty years. They're quirky, intelligent, and after all those years they still like to keep their personal space. After more than two decades together, they still keep their own houses. They have their own lives with their very different interests: Del, a flight attendant, is always on the move, her non stop rhythm finding a pause in Abe's quieter way of life.

Abe is a reformed professor who is in the process of writing a book. His hobbies involve brewing domestic beer and messing with his neighbour's peace and quiet: Abe likes to play the harmonica.

My enthusiasm for the story rested heavily on their relationship.

And then Lioness appears...

Lioness is beautiful with a presence that would make her right at home in times of old... and strangely both Abe and Del end up entranced by her.


I have absolutely no idea, since I found her extremely dull.

And that's when things started unravelling. Lily's, Del's daughter from her only marriage also falls head over heals over Lioness. Everyone falls for Lioness. Strange things start happening, but they are mostly told in a dispassionate format.

I start reading only one or two pages per day: let's face it, my enthusiasm had disappeared with Lioness's dull character.

And then Abe goes and

does something completely yucky... and even the description of that part becomes kind of ugh... and I was like, "ugh, ugh, my eyes, my hears."

(show spoiler)

Then the explanation for why Abe behaved the way he did was so lame. And so weak.

I've read about compulsion... maybe in the last book that I truly enjoyed of the Mercy Thompson series. Well, until that scene :/

Abe didn't act under a compulsion!!

So, yeah, after that I was like "what the hell am I reading?"

the sexual adventures of a sixty six year old with someone who looks like she's thirty? Hell no. Also I hate, hate cheaters. And, where the hell did that come from??

(show spoiler)

Now, a couple of days after having finishing it, I feel that reading "Summerlong" was akin to a dream: you may remember a couple of things, but mostly, the story it is already forgotten.

bulbs that I bought today
bulbs that I bought today
Tulip bulbs that I bought a couple days ago
Tulip bulbs that I bought a couple days ago
seeds that I still have to sow
seeds that I still have to sow

I am not an Autumn person. I'm Portuguese: I like Sun. Not  the roasting type ( I've wore shorts every time I could, and I still don't have any colour on my legs!), just the type of warm weather lover. Give me a blue sky and warm weather and I'm mostly happy.

Autumn depresses me. The short days, warm clothes... boots. :/

As for Winter, if I could I would just hibernate those months.

So, here I am, hoping for Spring 2017. -_____________________-

some sort of red Acacia/ Mimosa
some sort of red Acacia/ Mimosa
Stephanotis and platycodon
Stephanotis and platycodon

Because Autumn is almost here, and soon enough most plants will stop blooming, here are some pictures of the ones that will keep blooming for a little longer. Well, except for clematis, I guess -_-

""It's going to be on your tombstone, you know that," she threatened him. "He called her 'cookie' one time too many.""
Summerlong - Peter S. Beagle


Back on track

Once Broken Faith: An October Daye Novel - Seanan McGuire
Arc provided by Daw through Netgalley

Toby is back! And my heart nearly got broken -_- but everything turned out okay in the end ;)
Full review to come...

“I never do anything heroic or stupid unless I’m under someone else’s control,” I said. “I’d be a lot happier if everyone would just leave me alone to eat pizza and watch television, but you people seem to constantly need saving, so here I am.” (October Daye)

October Daye, reluctant Knight and Hero of the realm has been through a lot. She has gone against foes stronger than she, and lived to count the story. She has established alliances in almost all parts of Faerie. Gained friends who are as peculiar as she is... and enemies in old friends.
She has dethroned evil queens. Caught runaway Princesses... and she has even been named an Ambassador. Much to her dismay :)
Now, the High King of Faerie father of you know whom has requested her presence in a Fairie conclave to discuss what to do about the just found cure for elf-shot.
Toby would rather not... but people just don't leave her alone!
There, she finds herself among a great number of snotty Fae who don't think a changeling has any place there.
With tensions rising between different parties, and Fae...people ending up dead, once again it will be up to Toby to find a murderer between giving political speeches in the conclave. -_-
Honestly, guys, enough is enough!

As usual with all things Toby, there's a lot of self cutting, a lot of bleeding.
A lot of ruined dresses.
And even a little bit of dying...whatever that may mean ;)

As for romance, Tybalt once again shows us why he's our favourite cat. Ever :)

Definitely a series in which the author can go with a multitude of spin-off's. At this point I would be happy with a book about Mae, Dianda, Sylvester, you name it.

As for the novella, "Dreams and Slumbers" it features Queen Windermere, in the aftermath of what just happened in "Once broken Faith". Things that were supposed to be easy get complicated, and she'll have to strike a bargain with someone she'd rather not.

Now to wait another year for the next one :/

"He waved a hand, dismissing my protest. “There’s no need to be ashamed. Were I fortunate enough to be engaged to me, I would take every opportunity to get me to bed.”"
Once Broken Faith: An October Daye Novel - Seanan McGuire

Image result for house laughing gifs


Tybalt and House would probably get along just fine... they're so...modest ;)

Girls and Goddesses

Girls, Goddesses and Giants: Tales of Heroines from Around the World - Lari Don

      Arc provided by Lerner Publishing Group through Netgalley
                Release Date: September 1rt

This was an interesting collection of  twelve short stories for young readers with young girls as heroes.
These are tales full of wit, wisdom and sometimes self sacrifice.
Now, I know that I am not this book's intended audience, but I've become accustomed to middle grade books that are brilliantly written. I didn't find that to be the case here. I found the writing style to be serviceable, but maybe that was already the goal: to have the tales told in a more traditional way.

Chi and the Seven-headed Dragon (Chinese legend) - 3,5 Stars
One day, a dragon with seven heads appears in the Kingdom. The Emperor who likes things quiet _who doesn't?_is less than thrilled by this circumstance, and following his counsellors' advices decides to feed the dragon with what is supposed to be his favourite food: little girls. -_-
 Weeks and years go by, until courageous (and bright) Chi appears. Then, and all by herself she is able to properly deal with the dragon: it may involve a different diet ;)

Inanna and the Box of Monsters (Sumerian myth) - 3.5
A story about Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love ( no, I had never heard of her) , who wasn't content with the power she already had, and how she came to acquire more of it.
A story that shows us that not even the God of Wisdom can resist a goddess, if she decides that she wants something from him.
According to Inanna, the ends definitely justify the means ;)
Also good friends always come in handy!

The Wolf in the Bed (French folktale) - 3.5 Stars
"Once there was a young girl who lived at the edge of the forest."

Was this the first Red Riding Hood story?
I don't know. Apparently it was one of the firsts in which the girl saved herself all by herself.

Telesilla and the Gates of Argos (Greek legend) - 4 Stars

When the city of Argos is invaded by the Spartans, and Argos' men fail to protect it, it will be up to Telesilla, a young schollar, who will command the rest of the population into the protection of their city.

“We are the women of Argos and we are defending our homes.”

A wise woman who knew what drove most men.

Durga and the Demon (Indian myth) - 3.5 Stars
The story of the fight between a super powerful demon ( aren't they all?) and a woman. "A tall dark woman named Durga."
A story of the "type" be careful what you wish for...

Kopecho and the Two Suns (Venezuelan myth) - 3.5 Stars
Another perfect example to which if you want a job well done, you have to do it yourself... even at great risk.

Mbango and the Whirlpool (Cameroonian folktale) - 2.5 Stars
 The perils of envy...

Hervor and the Cursed Sword (Norse legend ) - 2.5 Stars
The story of a powerful cursed sword and the family who kept it throughout the years.
Because like they say, "it's our family curse".
Well can keep it.

Visiting Baba Yaga (Russian folktale) - 4 Stars
Or basically how to survive your wicked stepmother whom to make matters even worse, is also related to Baba Yaga...
Can't a girl ever catch a break?

Aliquipiso and the Cliff (Native American legend) - 4 Stars
In which the self sacrifice of a girl managed to save the rest of her tribe.

Tokoyo and the Skin Rope (Japanese legend) - 4 Stars
Good deeds never go without reward? Also, what's with so many girls sacrifices? *says she in a naive tone of voice*

The Giant’s Heart (Scottish folktale)- 4 Stars
In which a Princess must beat the Giant who has kidnapped her, in a match of wits. Now, she only has to find where he keeps his heart... and be able of destroying it.

All in all, a rich and interesting collection for young readers.

Author's Official Site

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