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The Library of Fates - Aditi Khorana


The thing with book comparisons is that sometimes you are left wondering if they didn't get the wrong book... like when someone decided to say that the Star Touched Queen, was the perfect read for people who loved Calaena, "I am going to kill you all... not"

Look, I am a avid Star Touched Queen fan. I loved the writing, the story, the whole Indian mythology; that means that I had sky rock expectations for this story which as you guys can see for the rating, were completely crushed.

I understand that the writer wanted to keep Amrita faithful to her background; as such she sounds very naive and young... well, at certain things, but with the consistency of a mousse, the girl became extremely annoying to "deal" with.
Also, almost right from the start, the author decides to get the girl a romance with her bff, so there can be some cannoodling.

The passage from best friends to best friends with benefits was extremely fast, which made it even more difficult for me to care about those two.
In fact, the whole "romance" felt more new adult than actual YA, something that I found strange.

The writing...well it is readable, but not that great. Not Star Touched Queen great, so if you didn't like STQ's writing, maybe you'll like this one :D

The plot
Evil dictator _ pleonasm much?_ visits Amrita's kingdom with the intention of gaining control of some obscure substance ; honestly, I could have used more info here.
Soon enough, Amrita decides to be a bargain chip between her father's kingdom and evil dude, Sikander (actually an old friend of her father), gifts are exchanged, and Thala appears.
Thala is what made me keep reading, she is a seer and a slave owned by Sikander. Maybe if the story had been all about her, I wouldn't have felt like I had eaten some sour lemons by the end of the story...
As for Amrita, most of the times I just wanted to shake her and tell the girl to start moving!
But with no actual plot,

the whole library of fates quest ends up being a faded dream

(show spoiler)

 everything just dwindled to "special ones"characters Amrita of course, guys, because apparently the bff

just wasn't the one... not compared with reincarnation bs, which once again makes romance development unnecessary!

(show spoiler)

Then there was the

time travel thing

(show spoiler)

, that felt... strange, lacking and lazy.
Honestly this was just too much of a mess for me.

Not for me

Damsel Distressed - Kelsey Macke


TW's: cutting

DNF at 68%

I give up. It's not that the book is badly written _ it isn't _, but for the life of me I can't listen to Imogene's whining anymore. Yes, she has clinical depression. Yes, her mother died seven years ago when she was about ten years old... I'm not a sociopath, that made me sad, BUT, she has had so much support that I've reached a point in which I just want to scream at her, as well as to keep her from binge eating junk food until she throws up...
<s>Some people at this point will probably want to point out that I shouldn't talk like that, that depression doesn't work like that, and that I'm being a bitch. I don't care.</s>
This is not a book about a criminal, I'm reading a story about a troubled teen, so as a reader I'm supposed to feel some empathy for her plights... since I'm not, I think it's better if I just stop.
"Objectively" speaking, this story is leaving me all kinds of depressed, stressed and angry.
Oh poor "kid" with a father who cares about her, even if he has his faults. Poor kid with access to psychological help. Poor kid with a bff who has been there since always... *breathes*
With a friend out of a Dawson's creek plot who decides to be her guardian angel; since he was ten.
Did I mention how incredible mature these kids are?
Because,wow, also aren't Grant's parents, the best?!
Honestly, I kept thinking about that. His best friend is depressed so, "hey mom and dad _ I'm presuming the guy isn't a clone_ I'm going to spend the night with my depressed friend, who is a child just like me."
"Oh, sure honey."
I hate soap operas, and I hate how judgemental, narrow minded and egotistical Imogene is.
As for the Cinderella wanna be retelling, what can I say?
Her stepmother isn't an ogre. Her father isn't dead. Her stepsister is a sociopath just because, and the Grant the <i>Prince</i> has the soul of a dog; clearly, Grant is just way too good for all us mortals.
Also, you wouldn't believe the amount of dialogues and plot involving a high school musical.

As for the secondary characters _ see, incredible mature peeps _ they're good people: As I mentioned before, there's the bff, the cute gay couple (one of them a wonderful tailor because... why not?!), and the new girl who is actually a good person.
All of you deserved more.
Susana out; I'm mentally drained.

Title: I still Dream About you

Ainda Sonho Contigo - Fannie Flagg

This started out whimsical enough that it caught my interest, but then the avalanche of characters, insanity, and the poor way depression and suicide is dealt with, made me lose interest in it.

I'll try to read a few more pages to see if it improves because I'm tired of dnf'ing books.

Freebie alert
Freebie alert


"Picasso would have loved his face."

When one of the world’s prestigious art collections comes to the resort town of Queenstown, New Zealand, shy art student Sophy James is immediately drawn to the pieces on display – and to the massive, silent, sexy presence keeping watch over them. She’s completely fascinated and attracted by the striking planes and angles of his unusual face, and can’t resist sneaking out her pencil when he’s not looking.

Security consultant Mick Hollister is used to women looking at his ugly mug – but not with the genuine pleasure he sees in the face of the girl with the charcoal-smudged fingers and terrible skills at covert surveillance. A security breach brings the two into fast and furious collision, and an unlikely friendship begins to blossom. And an even more unlikely – and very reluctant – love.

Introvert Sophy is content with her independence and solitude. She’s never looked for a long-term relationship, and isn’t sure she wants one now. Mick, apparently born with a face that not even a mother could love, has given up all hope of having one.

They have nothing in common. They shouldn’t even like each other. And they can’t stay away from one another.

The Goblins of Bellwater - Molly Ringle
Here's my two cents about this book: I normally don't fall for a book that is being hyped; in fact I normally go the other way, because I'm stubborn and I don't like media telling me what I should read.

With this one, I guess that the title, add the cover, plus the fact that this seemed to be a stand alone (AND I DO LOVE STAND ALONE STORIES), made me decide to risk it and request it...
... not a good decision.
Going by the title, and with goblins to the mix, I was hoping for something dark, urban fantasy type.
Which I didn't get, because this is actually a new adult story with _poorly_ developed traces of paranormal.
Unfortunately once again it seems that the new adult genre is synonymous to very basic writing, stupid and underdeveloped characters and a plot that is only there to get the characters together.
Not my thing.
Like I said, the characters are so undeveloped that when the author decides to create two couples and having them perform sexual acts; the thing reads as awkward and uncomfortable as this phrase. They feel as puppets, and maybe that was what the author was reaching for, but she forgot their souls!
In forgetting that, the whole thing reads as an awkward and boring story about four _ really uninspired _ people.
 Arc provided through Netgalley

I've read 22%

The Goblins of Bellwater - Molly Ringle

And I don't want to keep reading it.

Four characters that apparently only have been introduced due to romantic interests.

Basically this reads as a contemporary with some aspects of fantasy, and I don't like how depression is being presented.

I've read 56%

Witchtown - Cory Putman Oakes

I thought this was going to be along the lines of "Ocean's 11", instead it's more "Ocean's 13", you know?

Boring as hell.

Ligeiramente Perigoso (Portuguese Edition) - Mary Balogh


I loved this story so much, that I'm giving five stars to an historical romance and I couldn't care less!
Honestly you guys, I don't remember the last time a story has kept me from falling asleep.
I've been sleeping so much lately, that one of these days, I'll wake up and find that I've grown roots and thorns... just to be on the safe side. That, or I'll be turned into a cat...

This, OH GOD, I don't know if it was the undertones of Pride and Prejudice (it helped), but I fell in love with these two characters from the moment a drop of lemonade is involved ;)
Wulfric, the Duke, with his aura of "stay away from me peasants", and Christine, who is _mostly_ a tornado of joy and happiness; but not in a silly way, were amazing characters.
I loved their characterization, and how their romance slowly evolved. There's a lot of walking, and talking through the countryside, with the characters getting to know each other.
As for the hot and heavy parts, there's only two sex scenes in this book, which was a relief considering how some "historical" romances lately are just a long _and boring_porn book fest.
I'm not going to say that I've loved all this author's books in this series, because I haven't, but the ones I liked, I really liked them... not this much as this one, because this one pretty much rocked the all kind of "adorbs" chart.
You should read it! ;)

The Mostly True Story of Jack - Kelly Barnhill


This is the third book I've read by Kelly Barnhill, and as the other two that I've previously read, it is exquisitely written. It is also atmospheric as hell and not proper to the faint of heart.
The story... you know those books that you get at the end, and you're heartbroken and slightly confused by what you've read?
Well, this is one of those, so heads up! Also, and I've probably mentioned this on my reviews of the author's other books (The Witch's Son and The Girl Who Drank the Moon), I don't know if middle graders are the right crowd for this book. Honestly, the only people I see enjoying this are adults. Jaded adults probably, lol
I don't even know how to proper define this book: mystery? Adventure? Magical Realism? Fantasy? Horror?
It has all of that and much more.
It's about growing up and discovering who you really are, and in the end fulfilling your role in life.
The beginning is creepy as hell. In fact, If I had the will _ which I don't at the time _ I would go and re-read Coraline, because I found this one much more creepier that Gaiman's work.
This one is about kids gone missing, sentient houses, bargains gone wrong and all the ties that connect us to our families.
Ordinary families and strange families all alike.
"Who cares when someone's time runs out, if a moment is all we are.
Or quicker, quicker.
Who cares if One More Light Goes Out...
I do."

One more Light by Linkin Park

Death and Night - Roshani Chokshi

"It is the price of immortality and eternal youth to never recognize your own fate in the stars. If we must live forever, then we must live blind."


Woodwalker: Creatures of Light, Book 1 - Emily B. Martin


You know what?
This book's title really doesn't lie, so get ready for a lot of walking through the woods, lol
That being said, I can't say that this story disappointed me, despite usually not being a fan of this type of narrative; I'm thinking about a book by Juliet Marillier in which I got to a point in which I wouldn't have minded if all the characters had fallen of a cliff...
In Woodwalker, the characters come out as real, flawed, secretive and interesting as hell, so no, I didn't want any harm to befall them.
Mae, the main character, has fallen into hard times following a forced banishment from her country.
A former woodwalker _ park ranger _ she got into a fight with her country's former king, and is now trying to survive in her ~new~ condition of when the opportunity of escorting three royals comes along, well, it's not like she had a full schedule, you know? o_O
And like she says, she has enough money to buy a whole peanut -_-
Mae is a great character. She's strong, resourceful, patient ~manages to not strangle Mona or even Arden through their long, long walk~ but she's so much more than meets the eye.
Throughout the story, the author manages to insert some basic ecology information; nothing wrong if she can bring some readers to the green side, lol
Now the negative, I wasn't a big fan of the way of the way some things were named, because the bad guy/invading country here, is named Alcoro...not so far from the word Alcoran, right?
~I do have politics in my mind, so it's kind of hard to avoid these kind of links~
That for me, could/should have been avoided. This is fantasy book, I don't want to feel as I'm being indoctrinated regards religion: good religion vs bad religion.
Maybe the author only wanted to show what happens when you take prophecies way to far... but it still left me somewhat discomforted by it.
As for romances, rest assured that there isn't a love triangle, in fact there barely is a romance;)
Well, no, actually there's a romance, we just don't know that it is there; because they're sneaky about it. And that was actually well done, so of course I'm not going to spoil it.
So, here you have it, a four star rating, because this had a pretty strong ending, which left me really keen in getting my hands on the second book. The only downside being, according to some reviewers, that Mae is no longer going to be the main character.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass - Melissa Bashardoust

          Arc Provided by Flatiron Books through Netgalley


                       Release Date: September 5th


Pitched as a feminist retelling, "Girls Made of Snow and Glass", doesn't disappoint in the least. Told in the alternative pov's of Mina, the stepmother Queen and Lynet, the snow Princess, this is a story that most surely will stay with the reader long after its read... What if there was more to the "tale" of the "evil" stepmother and her "naive" stepdaughter? What if there was a story of trying to break with one's past and one's sorrow? What if you only wanted to be loved, but never quite achieved that? How would you turn out with people trying to make a puppet out of you? This is the story of two women both trying to find out their true natures in a grey world . A world of snow and cold. And of bitter family ties. Along the way they will have to decide if they'll risk breaking those ties for a chance of finally being themselves. And of loving who they want. "Girls Made of Snow and Ice" is a tale of self discovery, friendship, and of budding young love, interwoven with bits of magic... In it, you have very different love stories. You have one between a woman with a heart of glass, and her creation. But for how long will it be her creation?

Another between two girls, both trying to survive in that world: One that has had everything given to her, except the love of a mother. And the other, who is trying to find her own station in a world filled with people who want to use her...

But for me, the most rewarding its between a mother and her child. Despite all obstacles, barriers, and wishes of kings. The writing is skilfully done, taking the reader successfully into a cursed world of snow, and many were the phrases _ so beautifully written _that I would love to share with you guys.

Really a remarkable read.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass - Melissa Bashardoust

Since I wasn't that invested in what I was reading, I decided to cave and request some titles on netgalley: this was one of them, and so far it is really good.

Just wish that the Gr's summary didn't gave so much away...

Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1) - Angie Fox

"My tank of a car lurched and every bolt shook as we tested the limits of my decades-old suspension system. Frankie cursed under his breath.(...)"


You're a ghost! Why would the car's weak suspension affect your... ah, molecules? o_O

What a diva.

Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

Cinderella Dreams of Fire (Fairy Tales Forever Book 1) - Casey Lane


"His grunt sounded like a teenage girl getting flustered,(..)


the hell?? o_O

kill me now.

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