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Fractured Dream - Randall Garrett

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I really wanted to like this book _as I do with every single one I read! _ but unfortunately the writing style didn't work for me. ( I am however aware that I've become extremely nitpicky with my old age, and that in the past I've finished books worse than this one! )

It isn't as if this was carelessly done, quite on the contrary!

But as I read this, I couldn't help feeling as if a little kid had had access to her mother's (father's) makeup, and really indulged in all those colours and textures. The phrases are overdone with an excess of adjectives, that end up clashing with the more colloquial speech that the characters use.


Also there's this sugared tendency, that for me became cloying:


"(..)the shadow that stalked her gently."


"Bliss frowned prettily at her companion."


" his gentle smile.."


You know how there's purple prose? Well, this book's writing style made me think: pink one!


Also the main character is called Story, and her name is used in practically every sentence:

It becomes too much.


The characters, despite apparently being on their twenties, felt as if they're only teens as proved by their less than intelligent actions...


Also in this story you can expect the: You're special..snowflake factor.

The thing is, there's characters who know how to use it, and others who don't.

In the forty percent of this that I read, Story was just being her clueless self who was not that interested in changing that situation.


There was also a heavy dose of insta-love/lust...with two couples, probably three ( I didn't get to that part o_O).


The world building was relegated to Story occasionally saying something along the lines of: Oh, I remember this..and that...and that was it.

Too much telling, not enough showing.


Sorry, not for me..maybe with a heavy dose of editing this could work out, but at this point I don't find either the story or the characters that interesting to begin with.


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