I am actually afraid...

Unmade - Sarah Rees Brennan

...of what is going to happen in this story! o_O

The second one ended 

[/spoiler] with a lot of dead people and in the beginning of this one "puff" there went another one



(show spoiler)

and there's reports of people crying while reading this book, so I am obviously concerned!


I am making a list in my head of whom is dispensable or not _ Well I am preparing myself for upcoming disasters! _ and I really hope the author doesn't kill my favourites characters...because that would be extremely bothersome!!

And traumatizing :/



Lucky for you, I have another scheme. First I need a hundred ducks, but after that it will be pretty simple."
"What do you need the ducks for?"
"I´m going to put a whole bunch of them in a giant catapult and launch them over Aurimere," Kami said. "This will create a distraction. My message will be: Look at all the ducks I give.