Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - J.L. Murray
This city is full of ghosts. I can see them all. Lucky me.

Interesting start of a new series featuring Nikki Slobodian as the main character.

The only reason this doesn't get a four star rating, is because i needed more background on the setting in which the story takes place.

We don't have a time line. We are told, that things are very different of what they used to be in the past...a long forgotten past.

In this story, there's two kinds of persons: The Normals and the Abnormals. Guess who gets to be persecuted?

There's this feeling of Witch hunt. If you're considered an Abnormal _ someone with some kind of powers or gifts _ your name will be placed into a Registry, and your life will take a turn for the worst...
Thats what happened to Nicki. As a private investigator she was able to gain the hate of a chief of police determined to end her, and her career.
Since then she hasn't been able to work, her guns were confiscated, her godmother is in the Hospital sick, and Nikki is running out of cash.

But all of that is about to change...

On a stormy night, while walking through a deserted warehouse district she discovers this strange bar, "The Deep Blue Sea". A bar that she could have sweared wasn't't there in the past.

Inside she meets this misterious Character named Sam, who enlists her aid promising her big bucks...oh, and he knows everything about her...especially her ability of seeing ghosts.

A magical gate has been open in Hell directly to earth, and bad things, dangerous things are on the loose. As if that wasn't enough, Nikki's father, the most famous Summoner between the Abnormals (and doing time for that) may also be envolved...but he was in jail..or wasn't he??

This was a fast read. Most of the characters were compelling ( i wasn't crazy about Nikki's ex-boyfriend. He's just a little too bland..). 

The writting was crisp and engaging, and on and on, a good story with some spookiness envolved.
So yes, i'll be sure to read the following volumes.

Pet peeves: I just hope Nikki stops saying Peachy! all the time, and Gage stops with the sis thing...really!!