Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves (The Honorables) - Elizabeth Boyce

   Arc provided by Crimson Romance through Edelweiss


    Release Date: October 27 th


    TW's: Attempted Rape


I'm thirty five years old, and I have been reading practically all my life.

This means that I've read quite a good number of books so far...and hopefully _ o_O _ I'll be able to read many more.

This said, I must start by saying that I have the inkling, that had I read this story a couple years ago, I would probably had loved it! The intensity, the drama of it, oh, I would have probably devoured it!



But as things are now, I am afraid that this rating is more due to the story's merit in some aspects, instead of my actual appreciation of it.


This story for all the information that it gives us about how medicine was seen, and everything it involved two centuries ago, doesn't deserve  a two star rating (a simple okay), but in the end I have to admit that I didn't like this.


It has some strong points:

_The originality of the plot;

_ The characters that start as originals...

_The "Honourables" concept.. 

_The fact that I learned more about the period in which the story takes places, than I have while  reading I don't know how many dozens of historical romances...


But then something happens: In some vital moments, that should have been seen _like the moment in which Lorna decides to join the grave robbing gang_, the narrative stops, leaving us to wonder what happened to the characters.

When the narrative once again starts, we are told what has happened!

Since the story develops itself around this "event", I really disliked that I didn't get to see it.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated event.


The romance

For me, this ended up being the problem with the story: Honestly, I wanted more of the grave digging business,  _ o_O _ instead of the same old "speedy" romances in which the characters fall immediately in lust with one another, and can't start ripping each other clothes!


I am not saying that it didn't had some good or even funny moments, like the "rat throwing", and the "disaster with the dress" moments, but I really didn't understand why Lorna would become such an interesting figure in the town.

In fact, with the "dress incident" happening, I would think the inverse would happen....but I don't know practically nothing about the period. So...


But what really made impossible for me to enjoy this story, were the two attempted rapes that happen in a quick succession of time.


I really would appreciate _ as I think many other readers would _ of being warned about this type of thing before requesting arcs, or buying books.

 Honestly, had I known about it, I wouldn't have requested it.

Because in the end _for me _ the story ends up feeling like those historical romances in which the female characters were constantly in danger of being raped :/

For me this could (should ) have been skipped.


The story already had a pretty heavy dose of drama happening,_ how does one even mentions a dialogue involving a very pregnant woman and people telling her that she is probably going to die, and people are going to rob her body? _ it really didn't need those descriptions happening.

It was too much, and it ended up vulgarizing an original idea.


Bottom Line: A great concept and good writing. Unfortunately in the end _for me _ it ended up falling short of all its potential.


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