The Whispers

The Whispers: A Whispers Story - Lisa Unger

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Release Date: October 27th


This is the first of three short stories that follow the life of Eloise Montgomery after a tragedy strikes her life. After surviving a brutal accident, Eloise finds herself having visions of people in danger. 

People she never met.

But how can she help other people, when she's barely living herself?


What I liked:

The writing

 It's deep, sad and heartbreaking, and it pulls you right into the story.


The characters

They're well drawn despite the short number of pages, and after meeting them, I just wanted a full length book (or a full length series) about Eloise's and Amanda's lives.


The plot

With the introduction of the paranormal aspect, I think the story would have been stronger had there been a little more...something!  I don't know...maybe a little more development regarding Eloise's acceptance  of her gift.

Having already read the second short (The Burning Girl), I think Agatha could have made an early appearance in this book.


But globally it was good, especially for a story being told in such a short number of pages.

Also, not only did it leave me curious about the author's other works, it made me realize that I haven' read a full length Lisa Unger novel in awhile.  


"The Whispers is a prequel to the novel FRAGILE, in which Eloise is first introduced." (as written on the author's page)

Yessss, another book to my TBR pile o_O



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