I'm too old for this...

Grimm Memories (Grimm Tales Book 2) - Janna Jennings, Erica Crouch

                       Arc provided by Patchwork Press Through Netgalley


The positives:


_Girl Power

This story has two very determined kick ass, intelligent characters in both Andie and Quinn.


_ No to stereotypes

Quinn has Indian roots, and can be seen _ I am telling you this in a very simplistic manner, because the author ends up having a surprise for us readers _ as some sort of modern Rapunzel. So no golden locks for Quinn! :)


_ No to the tormented and brooding male characters

Dylan and Frederick, are respectively the funny "wisecrack" and the sweet guy who gets constantly embarrassed.


_There's no love triangles: Thank you Baby Jesus!


Original  Plot: 

Let's say that it goes places you're not expecting  it to go! o_O

So _once again My Review of the first book _ the author gets an A+ for creativity.


 The execution however _especially towards the end _ led me to feel at times, as if I was reading an episode from "Lost".

And no, I was not a big fan of the series especially towards the end.

Basically with this story, most times I couldn't see what I was reading, and I needed more explanations to understand what was going on!


The negative:

So, like I said,  when it comes to the writing style this story turned out somewhat difficult for me to "follow"


The phrases felt a little like they were being dumped on top of each other, which managed to undermine all the descriptions that the author was giving us. At least, that's what I felt.

Here's an example:



"The wheezing stopped, (spoiler) body relaxed, (spoiler) staring unseeing into the bright noonday sun. Max reached out a hand and closed (spoiler).

Max helped Quinn drag Andi to the pillar where they propped her up and Quinn got to work bandaging her. Dylan seemed torn between running away from the bloody proceedings and not wanting Andi out of his sight."



This doesn't work for me.

This doesn't allow for a proper reading flow. It..stalls.

For me, in order for a sentence or phrase to work, the writing can't be so clinical or analytical. But that's me.


Reading this felt a little like watching a movie in fast speed. I could see that it had the foundations to be "a good movie", but I couldn't really appreciate it.

Also I am not a big fan of small chapters, and I could pass without chapter titles ...


Bottom Line: An imaginative and fast paced adventure, that I am sure will be better appreciated by younger readers.


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