Soul Eater (#2)

Crushed - Eliza Crewe

After all the fun I had while reading Cracked, the first volume of this series, I was more than ready to start with it's sequel, Crushed! 


However I have to admit that I had a little difficulty in getting into it....yes, Meda is here _of course! _ but I found myself missing her "I know that I am bad, and revel in it, now hear me humans!" inner monologues.

Not that they're completely missing in the story. They do end appearing (I did read the same book as you guys!).


 But at the beginning, as I was reading it, I couldn't shake the feeling that she was justifying herself, in a "I may be bad, but I am not that bad!" kind of way.

I felt as if the Meda the demon was censoring herself, which for one side, could be seen as character growth I guess...but for me sounded a little strange.

Maybe because I read "Cracked" just the other week, and had some trouble adjusting to the changes...


Besides that, I liked the fact that Meda's and Jo's friendship seemed to have strengthen itself, despite the fact of both of them being as stubborn as two mules!

I guess I would have preferred if there had been more interactions between them, and if Chi the easy going, optimistic Crusader had had a little more "acting time", but in the end, the author managed to give us an intelligent nuanced story, between the so called good and evil.


Armand _ who makes an appearance in the first book _ is a vital part of this story, but true to the author's vision, do not expect a typical stereotyped relationship between the two of them.

In fact he was so well developed, than in the end I couldn't help developing some sympathy towards the guy.


In the end, the only thing that I really ain't crazy about, is the misunderstandings between characters derived from the fact, that they simply do not talk to one another!!! o_O

But of course, the positives of this story greatly counterbalance that aspect.


Bottom line, this ended up being more dark than the first story, _ also with less quantities of "snark"_  but in the end it managed to balance it, by being more emotion directed than the first one.

So yes, I am looking forward in reading the third volume, in order to "see" what is going to happen with all these characters.

...preferably in a paperback edition!


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