An easy, cute read.

Ditched - Amity Hope

This was a really sweet story, with likeable, well characterized characters, that left me with a smile on my face.

This is truly a YA contemporary romance, and I could see that the author really tried to stay focused on the "YA" aspect of it...because this could have turned into the "new adult scene" really quickly; and for once I wouldn't have minded. * I know! I even surprised myself*


Maybe because of the characters maturity, I think that a new adult approach would have had a stable groundwork to establish its foundations.

So yes, this was probably the first time in my life, in which I wished that a story would turn out into the new adult territory. 


The characters may be nineteen, but since one had been on the edge of getting married _in fact, she was even being pushed into it by her mother!   _ I really had no problem with how things worked out...namely the run away from home aspect of the thing, and the: yeah, I am just going to spend the holidays with my best friend, who is a guy, and whom has had a big crush on me for a couple of years now...not that I am aware of that...thing!

* despite my clumsy presentation, this was actually well developed on ignore me!*



In fact, I think that regarding that aspect, I have the feeling that this story will be better appreciated by the somewhat older crowd _thirty...ish maybe _ who has moved on from stories with alpha males characters, and soap operas hot messes, and who just want something sweet without being overburden by the characters idiocy and giant doses of uncontrolled teen angst. 


Yes, I am describing myself.


This is not a book full of drama, with emotions and hormones going rampant all over the place.

This is a quiet story, that for me became believable, exactly because of the fact that the author gave the characters time to move on...

I found this story extremely engaging because of the romance between Max and Holly, who behaved _mostly_ as sensible people, _probably older than their actual age _ giving us a sweet and cute story of friends turned into "lovers".

Not exactly "lovers"...more like sweethearts.


 In fact this is the type of story that could easily be adapted to the movies, as that type of story that you watch on a Sunday matinée. Something that you already know how it is going to end, but that despite that _ or maybe because of that _ you just let yourself go with the story.

So yes, apparently this was my cup of tea,which means that I am looking forward in the reading the following novella, "Always", that also features Max and Holly, and which apparently is only available through Amazon.

Lovely... o_O

Now off to find a paperback edition of this...


*hum, "whom" to annoy? Bookdepository, or Wook bookstore....probably both!*

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