In days like this...

...when you hear about a 23 year old girl who was killed in Germany for defending two teenage girls.

And your heart breaks for this courageous girl, who deserved so much more from life!


And then you get a message like this, from an idiot who doesn't know you, who just started following you on twitter _  I had started following her less than a minute, bc I was being polite! _ and you just want to scream at people's idiocy!


Since  when does following someone on twitter implies that you HAVE to read their books!!

And when you can see, that the person in question is such a nice person, right?


Why wouldn't I want to read Indie writers with examples such as this?

I've had it .

I don't care about netgalley and edelweiss statistics, and followers numbers anymore.

From this day on, if it's a writer, I don't want to have anything else with them.