Not for feminists...

The Fairyland Murders - J.A. Kazimer

     Release Date: December, 8 th

    Arc provided by Kensington Books through Netgalley


DNF at page 81 due to the impossible amount of chauvinistic and misogynistic comments that prevail in this text.

I probably could keep on reading it, if forced _ it wasn't with the writing that I had a problem with _ but then I would probably end up having an aneurysm, so....better not.


First of all let me just explain this rating...

This would probably get a four star rating in different circumstances...and by different circumstances I mean, were I a different type of person.


Since I am...who I am, I couldn't read another single line featuring Blue, the idiot jackass that pretends to be a technicolor version of an old fashioned "noir" PI.

The guy is almost a Smurf! Look at that hair!

He should keep his judgemental "born in the fifties" retrograde mentality under lock and key.


And this pains me. Because when I started reading this, I really thought I was going to love it.

That was before the "paranormal chauvinistic and misogynist crap" started making an an avalanche :/

I will leave you with some quotes of  things that I really wish authors would stop saying and doing.

Especially woman authors.


Case number one: Forceful disrobing of the female character


My skin exploded into a silver light.(..)My attention was focused solely on the redhead who was now flittering around me like a moth circling a flame.(..)Pink translucent wings, like those in Barry’s costume shop but real in every way, sprouted from her back, ripping the perfectly (..)"
“Stop it. Please.” She clutched at the torn fabric, trying, without much success, to cover her naked flesh as her body involuntarily circled mine.
A part of me felt bad.
A small part.
A really, really small part.
I shrugged. Served her right. She had lied to me and now she was paying the price


This retrograde bully not attractive. Not even in the fantasy world.

Yes paranormal romance has it in heaps, that is why I mostly read urban fantasy these days...


In fact once I read this, my desire was to dnf the thing. Immediately.


Case number two:

If Izzy were my girl, I’d know every inch of her body by our second date. Our first date if she drank enough.


What is this? This is not funny anywhere.

What this is is just bloody stupid, and irresponsible.


Case number three:


“Not a bad idea.” I rubbed my blue goatee. “But I have a better one.”

She smiled encouragingly.

“You stick to the girlie stuff like baking cookies and leave the investigating to me.”


WHAT in blazes is this??

*picks up blowtorch*


And for "piéce de resistance":


"Izzy was safe and she’d learned a valuable lesson. When Blue Reynolds gave an order, like stay inside, he damn well expected immediate and complete compliance.

Or else."


Guys who treat women as dogs. Wow

Yeah,  I don't read this kind of thing.


Let it be known, that I've already read books that feature the inclusion of _supposedly _ modern day characters that would be more at home in a fairy tale environment, and those tales are told according to a "noir" perspective; and not even once, did that author give them Neanderthal mentalities.

What I want to say, is that this could have been done in a different way _ maintaining the noir setting _ but allowing the necessary personality upgrade into the twentieth first century.


C'mon this is a fantasy work.


If you have fairy tale characters running around, you sure can have a respectful approach to women.


Also humour is very good and nice, but one can't have a whole book filled with puns and cliched comments. can, but.... I'm not interested in reading it.


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