The Accidental Countess - Valerie Bowman having read Lucy's and Derek's book, comes the dreaded Cassandra and Julian book...

And I am sorry to say, that I didn't like this. I was able to finish it, but, I really couldn't care less about these two boring, gorgeous _blond god and goddess _ people!


Cassandra continues to be her same boring self, and in this one she doesn't have the excuse of not being the main character. She is the main character, and Lucy still has to come up with one of her mad schemes because Cassandra is hopeless :/ in "coming up" with anything.


The thing is I couldn't see the romance between Julian and Cass as anything more than a simple infatuation between two gorgeous beings...

Cass fell in love with him when she was a young girl, and after that, there was it.

From Julian's part, the thing that he's constantly saying is how beautiful Cass is.


The plot, inspired in Oscar Wilde's, The Importance of Being Earnest, manages to be more insane than the original play, and suffice to say that I like witty things, not insane ones.


Oh, and Cassandra blaming Lucy for everything that had happened, didn't made me a happy reader.

Yes, she ends up coming to her senses for one phrase or two, but that, just accentuated all that I hated about Cass. Her inability to take charge of her life, and of her responsibilities.

Oh, and when she finally says something along the lines of; I've had it. I will take control of my life from this day forward!

And I was like: girl, it was about time!

And then she says something like this: I am going to join a Convent!



yeah, Cass, that will teach them..




Oh, and how everything in the end gets presented with a nice red bow?( except for the bloke who dies, but we never knew him, so, no problem right? o_O)

I hated it.


Bottom Line: loved the first volume of this series...and I am sure that I am going to love the next one, because it is Gareth's and Jane's book! :)


I just hope Cassandra and her Julian don't appear all that much!


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