Once And Always

Once and Always - Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper

     Arc provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) through Netgalley


                        Release Date: February 24 th


This was basically an okay read...

The beginning was great in a, "I don't ever want to stop reading it" that kind of great.


Great chemistry between the two leading characters, plus a great number of secondary characters led me to expect a different kind of story: one that I would have devoured in one sitting.


Unfortunately after a strange and silly situation of exchanged luggages, Sam and May find themselves stuck in a somewhat stereotyped eighties romance: Sam ends up being a little too Neanderthal for my tastes.

He likes to boss around and especially favourites the word "Mine".

You see where this is going..


As to May or Maisa, I found her a little lacking in character development. In the end I wanted more from her that simply her bouts of bad humour.


The secondary characters were okay, but with the exception of Karl's with his man-bro's thoughts, they really weren't that memorable.


The thriller parts weren't that engaging, and the hot and steamy ones _ I can't believe I am going to say this _ although extremely hot, ended up being tiresome in a plot that had little else to give, you know?

The thing is, when the story starts, Sam and May already have _or had _ a story, so we're not able to see those first moments in their relationship, and for me, their romance feels somewhat lacking because of that.

Maybe if the story had been cut shorter I wouldn't feel that way, but as it was, I was more than ready to be done with it.


In the end this ended having one too many stupid to live moments, more appropriate to a new adult story, than an adult romantic contemporary romance.


The writing however was flawless as is normal with Elizabeth Hoyt's novels.


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