I tried.

The Very Best of Kate Elliott - Kate Elliott

     Arc provided by Tachyon Publications through Netgalley


          Release Date: February 10 th


Having never read anything by author Kate Elliott I thought this would be a good occasion to "sample" the author's writing style.


Unfortunately the lengthy and most of the times _what comes as _ dull prose, that accompanies the author's descriptions wasn't able to fuel my interest.


Maybe if I had already read a full novel, things would have been different.

But as it was, I felt lost within these worlds and characters stories.

I read the first four stories, and all that I can say is that there's an obvious feminist perspective going on. Something that only "per se" should have left me more interested in it.


First story - River of Death, in which a character tries to be judged by what she can do, and not by her gender.

I honestly had a hard time with this story due to the long and detailed descriptions.

From the four stories I read, this was the one I enjoyed the least.


 Leaf and Branch, It focus on the connection between nature and the Feminine.


The Queen's Garden, Describes what happens when a King starts getting too attached to his power ignoring the old ways..

3 Stars


 On The Dying Winds Of The Old Year, A story of politics and treachery


A obvious case of: It's not you book, its mostly me.

If you like Epic Fantasy you should give this one a try. Hopefully you'll enjoy it more than I did.