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Flunked  - Jen Calonita

Meet the Wolf Man!*
By Beatrice Beez
Name: Xavier Wolfington (formerly known as “the Wolf”)
Occupation: Professor of history at Fairy Tale Reform School

Hobbies: Meditation, yoga,(..)


Weakness: Silver bullets

Likes: Peace and quiet, reading history books. Rumored to be writing a book on the psychological effects of the Troll War

Dislikes: Talk of his former life (Never ever mention Granny!)

_______________________ _________________________


"(..)a room with a sign that says: Archery—Don’t lose an eye!
Announce yourself before entering."


____________ _____________________


Name: Madame Cleo (the mermaid formerly known as the “Sea Witch” or “Sea Siren,” depending on who lived to tell the tale. No pun intended.)
Former Occupation: Scaring sailors, making fishy deals for personal gain, trying to destroy the Little Mermaid’s chance at love



Love Life: “Who has time for men when you’re trying to save Enchantasia from poor posture?”