Razorhurst - Justine Larbalestier

   Arc provided by Soho Teen through Edelweiss
    Release Date: March 3rd

An atmospheric tale set in Sydney during the thirties. A period fertile in gang wars, and consequent fights for power.

Confession time:This rating is more representative of the book merits, than my actual appreciation of it.

There's nothing wrong with it: It has a crisp writing, believable characters _ well, at least the ones that are alive _ a good portrait of a time and period. It taught me things I had never heard about.
But I have to admit that it was not my cup of tea...
For starters, the paranormal element in this story left me baffled as to its existence.
Also I didn't understand why Dymphna would be so interested in Kelpie all of a sudden.
Or the sudden romantic interest of Dymphna in _________.

Then there were one too many points of views, which had the undesired effect of making me feel as if I was reading a collection of short stories. 
Characters would appear, and relationships would develop themselves out of thin air. For me that was the story's weakest point.
 So, yes, I admit that I had to force myself to keep reading this. Even when the writing was that good.
Also I don't understand why this was labelled as YA. For me this basically historical fiction with a dash of paranormal in it.
But I believe it would be unfair to give this story only two stars, when it has so many positive points.

Would I recommend it?
Sure, if that time period interests you..if not, it may get tricky.