I may be in love...

Once Upon a Rose (La Vie en Roses Book 1) - Laura Florand

Although it is still too soon to say _ 17% _ but this is being so cute. Just what I needed to read.


"It wasn’t like he got drunk regularly!

Why did she have to show up on his birthday of all days? At midnight, too. Talk about setting a man up. Couldn’t she have come at six or something, before the drinking started, and given him one damn chance to make a good impression?"


But you did make a good impression! The problem started when you got sober -_-


“He’s got a really good body.”

(..)“Seriously?” Allegra begged. “Can I please tell him you said that? He wouldn’t even know what to do with himself, he’d be so happy. All that grouchiness would get tangled up in this fuzzy blanket, and he would just, like—it would be so cute.”

Happy and embarrassed!  lol


"And she needs directions.”
Directions. Hey, really? He was good with directions. He could get an ant across this valley and tell it the best route, too. He could crouch down with bunnies and have conversations about the best way to get their petits through the hills for a little day at the beach."


This makes for a really cute image :)


"His enemy was…she was so cute. He didn’t want her for an enemy, he wanted to figure out how to overcome last night’s handicap and get her to think he was cute, too.


Well, she did think that. But then you opened your big mouth!"


"Damn blood cells, stay away from my cheeks. The boss did not flush."


You're so cute! Please, do not speak.