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The Witch of Painted Sorrows - M.J. Rose

No! Don't you dare bring Jane Austen into this mess!

You are not in one of Jane Austen's novels: as if the author would write such an idiot character such as you!


And insta love, really?

__okay there was those two idiots in Emma....Frank Churchill and..and the niece of the lady that doesn't stop talking.

But there wasn't any insta love description.


And I honestly never understood why Ellionor(sp) would like such a weak character as......what's his name..Charles? ( I can't stand the guy so I tend to forget his name)

Oh, and Marianne -_- and ...Willoughby?


I always though that Ellionor and Cp. Brandon were perfect for one another..maybe Marianne could stay with Charles?


So, insta love and cheesiness.

I am so happy to be reading this!


"I never wanted to stop peering into those clear evergreen eyes and inhaling that heady scent."