I normally don't make any plans regarding what I will be reading _ or attempting to _ in the next few days, or weeks, because I tend to fail those plans big time :/

However since I am currently in a really bad reading phase, in which mostly everything that I read through netgalley or edelweiss sucks, I decided it was about time to pull the big guns, and start re-reading favourite books.

As such, I've started with Lisa Kleypas, Hathaway series, and I also intend to re-read my favourite book of last year, Radiant.

The fact that I caved and downloaded an arc of the sequel through Edelweiss also has something to do with it. But unless the world collapses, I don't see how the sequel can be a disaster, because for me Radiant is on the same level as Susan Ee's Angelfall.


The only negative point is that I don't have anyone else to gush over the book with o_O

That is weird.


Then despite all the drama and insanity, I have Kim Harrison's book to read _ I really want to know how the series ended _ so I better hurry with the next volumes.

Seanan Mcguire's book was a birthday gift from a friend _ I have it since July! _ and I don't know why I still haven't read it...oh, I know, I have been wasting my time with crappy books.