Slightly Scandalous (Bedwyn #3)

Ligeiramente Escandalosa - Mary Balogh

A pretty meh read so far.


I've become a book snob when it comes to the writing style _ which is ridiculous considering the grammatical mistakes I make, I know _ but I don't believe this is only the translator's fault. The writing sounds really careless, and too informal.


The characters ...well they sound too much of caricatures .

The woman who will not be bound by society rules...which is ridiculous since she is a woman of her time. The only advantage she has, is that she is rich. She belongs to a powerful family.


The guy who comes out as a terrible flirt , but of course _in the end _he's all that is responsible.

Then there's this aunt of his, who is supposed to come out as a villain, as if a woman had the power to force on him _ a peer of the realm _ an arranged marriage o_O

And he is so incapable of dealing with her, that he decides that a fake engagement is the proper answer...