Not as good as the first one...

Defiant: Towers Trilogy Book Two - Karina Sumner-Smith
Arc provided by Talos Publishing through Edelweiss

Release Date: May 5th

Because "Radiant" was my favourite book back in 2014, I couldn't resist the opportunity of getting my hands on this arc.
Also, because I tend to be somewhat OCD when it comes to favourite series, I chose to re-read Radiant before starting with this one.
What I got from the re-read?
It was still a fantastic read, the first scene is still very much imprinted in my mind. Although this time I did find that it dragged a little towards the end. But that is something that usually happens with all the stories that I re-read, so it wasn't a big deal.

As for this one volume, I can say that Xhea and Shai continue to be favourite characters.

I loved getting to know some background on Xhea: her family story... and basically how she sees herself having to deal with what is happening to her.
The dilemma that she faces in this book, was believable for someone living in her situation.
Also kudos for the author, for not choosing the magical path to solve a lot of problems, like Xhea's medical condition.
The way we get a little more character diversity in this story is also among the positives in this tale.
Then there's something in which I am somewhat divided: I do like the author's writing style, but this is a post-apocalyptic / sci-fi story, and as such, I was hoping for more action...

This writing style combined with the emotional aspects of this book, made me think of This Is Not A Test, in which most readers were probably expecting a zombie book and got a psychological drama instead (well 95% of it maybe ).
For me, Defiant would be better defined as a psychological drama. It is set against the backdrop of a sci-fi /post apocalyptic world, but it is only during the last chapters, that those elements really shine.
The explanations for some "mysteries" ended up sounding believable and logical _ even with such a setting..or especially because of it _, and that is always positive.

Despite all that, I can't help mention that I found that there were parts in the narrative that could have been cut, so that it would have a more fluid story line.

Despite all that, I am still invested in the series and I am looking forward to the last book that I think is going to be published in October. Only six more months to go! :D