Forever Grace ( Ever After #2)

Forever Grace (Ever After Book 3) - Linda Poitevin
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Book Status: Already released ( April 24 th)

Trigger warnings: Domestic Violence

Having read and loved the first book in this series "Gwynneth Ever After" I was more than happy to sunk my metaphorical teeth in this one.

This is basically a four star book.
As usual it is extremely well written. The characters pretty much have a life of their own, and the author was able to interwove a harsh reality with the promises of a new day. Hopefully a better one.

However _ for me _ since the story happens against the background of domestic abuse, I spend a third of the book wishing that the plot had been told during a longer time frame.

Grace and her nephews are living in the aftermath of a nightmare _that hasn't yet ended_ and I couldn't help feeling that the week they spend around Sean was just too little for the guy to have such an impact in their lives. Not that you don't feel a strong connection between those two, you do.

Also, I had some difficulty believing into Sean's change of heart. Here is someone who didn't want to have kids. And Grace has to take care of four... and the cuteness has an expiration date. lol

Once again, I found everything too sudden.Yes, the situation has its nuances, and maybe his protective instincts have been activated, but...

I was happy to take a peek into Gwynn's and Connor's married life.

I liked how strong (mentally and psychically) Grace turned out to be. I especially loved the fact that she didn't need anyone to save her in the end.

And the fact that she landed Sean on his... posterior (both psychical as literal speaking) was an added bonus.

Bottom line, a good story, although I still prefer the first book in the series "Gwynneth Ever After" something not difficult to understand given the theme of this book.