May bookish goals

I normally suck at these lists, but April was not that bad in that account. *Yay for me*

I managed to read a few books that I had intended to _ five of them_, so here's what I'll be trying to read in May... the other half of April list.


 The ones that I didn't read in April -_-


Harrison, Kim; A Perfect Blood ( #? The Hollows series), Harper Voyager, 2013 - paperback edition

(This is actually a series I like... so I really don't know why I still haven't read it o_O)


Mcguire, Seanan, Indexing , 2013 pub by 47 North (paperback edition)

(I've already started this one _ a couple days ago _ but honestly I'm not finding it all that interesting... )


Dixon, Heather, Illusionarium, pub. by Greenwillow, May 19th 2015 (arc)

(Hopefully to read and post a review before the release date -_-)


Lee, Sharon, Carousel Tides (Archers Beach #1) pub. by Baen Books, 2010 (paperback)

( I was given an arc for the third in this series, and the book was released in January. So I am way behind a review :/ and this actually looks to be good... so why haven't I read it already? o_O)


Schmidt, Tiffany, Hold me Like a Breath (Once upon a Crime Family #1) pub. by Bloomsbury, May 19 2015 (arc) currently reading

(Another arc to read this month...)



Most waited book of the year:


Ee, Susan, End of Days (Penryn and The End of Days), by Skyscape, May, 2015

(This better appear in the mail in the next couple of days. I guess they're giving me time to re-read the first to books: Angelfall and World After.)


Prineas, Sarah, Ash & Bramble, Harper Teen, 2015 - Arc

( I am so curious about this book that I may be giving it a go this month :)

p.s- The first page sounds really promising :) too bad about the cover.


Long, Julie Anne, It Started With A Scandal (Pennyroyal Green #10), Avon, 2015

(Because it's about time I have at least one series in order.)


A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10) Indexing Illusionarium Carousel Tides (Archers Beach, #1)


Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family, #1) End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days, #3) Ash & Bramble   It Started With a Scandal (Pennyroyal Green, #10)