Angelfall  - Susan Ee

I had forgotten about the part in which Penryn drops Raffe's wings -_-

( there's a perfectly good reason why this actually happened, and no I am not going to say anything else about it  ;)


Oh, and the "bird comment"?

Still, pretty  good :)


"Does mopping actually help humans feel better?" (..)

"I am not mopping," I whisper back.

"Of course you're not. A girl like you, spending time with a warrior demigod like me. What's to mope about? (..)

"You have got to be kidding me."

"I never kid about my warrior demigod status."

"Oh. My. God." I lower my voice having forgotten to whisper. "You are nothing but a bird with an attitude. Okay, so you have a few muscles I'll grant you that. But you know, a bird is nothing more than a barely evolved lizard. That's what you are."