So, I have been meaning

... to ask you guys, particularly those of you who have a Kobo ( particularly an Aura ), have you experienced any kind of problem with... how do I put this?

You're reading and you suddenly see that the phrases at the bottom of the screen are more faded than the ones at the top?

I didn't change the settings to provoke this type of thing, but I do have been trying to compensate this by giving the letters more intensity. It isn't working :/

The worst thing is that I only bought this last September on Pixmania's site _ but they didn't had it at the time _ so I ended up buying it through one of their sellers: Sotel, a German enterprise.

The thing is, their customer support sucks_ we got into a bit of an argument back when I bought it and wouldn't receive it _ , and the only response I had from them this time, is if I have tried the store restart.

Which I haven't, because I don't want to lose everything I have stored :/ also I do not think that would resolve the issue. Or will it?

As anyone had this type of problem an e-reader?


I really thought this god damn thing would last longer! o_O