This happened a week ago: I had just left my spot in the bed, and Bella decided that she would take it... thank you very much.

Trying to rouse her, I decided to tuck her in... and she enjoyed it! o_O


A couple minutes later, another of my cats, Resmungas, decided to make her company.

I remember that those two really made me laugh.

By Wednesday I was with Resmungas at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong with him

By Thurday the results had came: He has feline leukaemia ( he has spend his life at home, but his parents were strays. His mother only started living at my house when she lost her front paws...)

He started on a therapy in order to help the body produce Interferon. He's also on iron, I'm giving him a vitamin's complex, I'm trying to force him to eat raw meet.

It has been complicated. Especially because I have other cats, and I've been forced to separate them. And if I start thinking that the others may be infected I don't know what I'll do.

So, I hate what is going on in my head right now, and obviously I won't be around here as much.

So far he has taken two shots _ yesterday he seemed a little better, but today, not really _ and he has the next one scheduled for next friday.

I'll probably decide on a blood transfer during next week: 80/85% of his blood was just water.

This shouldn't be happening to him.