Knock on wood!

June has been one of the worst months I can remember in the last couple of years.

After what happened with my cat, Resmungas (who died on Hercules and Fiel's birthday), another of my pets got sick. This time one of my thirteen year old dogs: Hercules ( there's also his brother, Fiel, and Lion who is a few months older)


He started having trouble keeping his food down. The test results indicated liver problems.

Initially the vet prescribed him some basic natural things: mint tea and água das pedras (water with gas). She also gave him some saline solution with sugar. Apparently sugar is good for the liver, but despite it all he just didn't want to eat... although I could see that he was starving :/

I started having to force feed him, which after what had just happened with Resmungas was just too much.

After informing the vet that things were not improving, she decided to give him a shot of antibiotics and cortisone and a massive dose of IV: luckily he started getting better and I could finally see him eating all by himself, which was such a relief!

That happened on Monday, and today was his last shot of antibiotic.

Now I just hope that this lasts as long as possible.