A little update on my dog, Hercules.

I know that this might not last _ he's been going through more bad days than good ones in the last couple of weeks _ but at the moment, I can say that the stubborn little bugger has gone to bed with his stomach a little fuller .



Let me tell you something about Hercules... he's stubborn. -_-

I don't know who is father was, but his mother Lady was insane... and stubborn.

His sister, Diana? Stubborn.


So what does this idiot does when I try to give him rare steaks, chicken or whatever?

He refuses them _most of the times_, but then he goes around trying to find chicken poop to eat!

The first thing he does when he walks inside the house?

He sticks his nose in the garbage bag, because "obviously" I don't feed him. -_-

So, how would I get this stubborn dog to eat something after I had given him some sucralfate to protect his stomach?


Basically I picked a chicken breast and I placed it in the garbage bag. *sigh*

Then I turned my back on him as if I hadn't done anything out of the extraordinary...


HE ATE IT! At certain moments he would stop and look at me _ by which I would react by turning my back on him _ and then he would continue... because if it was on the garbage bag that meant that he wasn't supposed to eat it.



I can't wait to see him go back to his old habit of sticking his nose where it doesn't belong... except garbage bags.

Oh, and he better stay away from bones! :/