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A History of Glitter and Blood - Hannah Moskowitz

 Arc provided by Chronicle Books through Netgalley

   Release Date: August 18 th



Trigger Warnings


Two very strange, painful and boring stars, because despite my wish to dnf this e-galley at the very beginning, there was just something about this story, something strangely compelling that kept me from doing it!

Turns out it was not that much to begin with, :/ because this ended up being a new adult story with lots of feelings and people sleeping around with each other.
In a supposed fantasy setting.

A very drab _ where is my world-building? _ fantasy setting, with no rules and explanations for anything.
Things are the way they are, and that's the end of it:

A cannibalistic race? Who cares?

People being sexually assaulted because they're prostitutes? Normal.

A race _represented by four people _ prostituting themselves...because who cares about alternatives?

Another race that spills ropes out of their mouths and who live up in the air... and I don't know why, apparently come to the fairies help?! wth...

Soap opera for teens (old ones because of all the sex work talks), with some gorgeous prose thrown around once in awhile to grab idiots such as myself.

There's this big mystery around the narrator which was actually well done... some sort of journal inside a story, and I am going to leave it as it is, so I don't spoil anything...

Positives: the occasional beautiful phrasing and the whole "bang" surrounding the narrator's identity.
Look, maybe some people will read this book and will appreciate it as the work of a genius: It definitely has some twisted qualities to it.
As for me, I like my stories with a little more of mental health...*cough*... in them.

Myself after reading the whole thing:
That was it? o_O
Can someone please give me back the hours I wasted with this?
Because I am not getting any younger :/



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