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Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) - Lisa Kleypas

After an amazing start, I am now incredibly disappointed with this story. :/

This went from a four star rating to a you'll be lucky you'll get two stars, you guys are boring me silly.

Were this a Ya romance I would be bitching about the insta attraction and all the rest blah blah, but as an adult romance that was actually my favourite part of the book: when Avery and Joe met through the demise of a scorpion...

FYI: according to Joe, hairspray is a no option unless you want to give the thing a little more shine and volume ;) (page 1)


Thing is, Avery through most all the book is not particularly interested in a relationship with Joe, and I couldn't help feeling that the guy became a little too annoying.

At the beginning when Avery is treating their one night stand, as what it was, he's getting annoyed that she hasn't been answering the phone or responding to his texts...

I know. This is a romance, and we're supposed to be rooting for the future couple, but I honestly can't help feeling anything besides annoyance towards the guy persistence... and Avery's lack of it.

Besides that, there was the prospect of another romance between the secondary characters that seemed way more interesting... but then the guy started making some comments about the way the girl was dressed, and depreciative comments about what she liked to watch, and I reached a point in which the guys could just go drown themselves.


On the positives, I am reading an arc, so no money was wasted on this crap.