My Top 10 Most Read Authors...

...probably -_-




Nora Roberts - 83 books


J. D. Robb- 33 books


Kelley Armstrong - 29 books (and shorts)


Sherrilyn Kenyon - 23 books


Julia Quinn- 22 books


Lisa Kleypas - 20 books


Alice Hoffman -20 books


Amanda Quick (19)


Tami Hoag - 15 books


Lindsey Davis - 14 books


As you can see the Queen reigns alone: Even if I wasn't sure about all the other authors, there's no way for me to forget that I own quite a few books of hers...


Then in second place, Nora Roberts again, this time under a pseudonym : I was lucky enough to buy the first twenty books of the "In Death" series all in a row, so once upon a time, I managed to read a book per day :D

I was such a happy person in those days...


Then there's Kelley Armstrong with her Women of The Otherworld series as well as her ya ones, The Darkest Powers and The Rising (?).


Sherrilyn Kenyon comes in fourth place because I haven't been buying her latest books, lol

Back in the day I had so much fun with her Dark Hunter series!


Julia Quinn also makes the top, despite the fact that I haven't been a fan of her latest novels.


Lisa Kleypas in the historical romance department is one of my absolute favourites so I hope to see her return to the genre at full strength.


Alice Hoffman, this author used to be a favourite until she started killing a whole bunch of people with cancer in her books. After "The Third Angel" I took a time out and only recently have I started reading her books again.


Amanda Quick, romance and insanity overload! Such good memories of reading these insane books :)


Tami Hoag, crime and romance, another author whose works I used to be head over heels with...


Lindsey Davis and the Marco Didio Falco adventures..

Love the series but I admit to a bit of laziness when it comes to reading it in English. The first volumes were translated in my own language _ and very well so _ so when the publisher closed its doors, it was a sad day.


And this is it, my top ten :)