Beauty and The Beast in Provence

The Chocolate Rose - Laura Florand

Recipe for an almost perfect contemporary romance:

_Prepare the setting: Provence

_Add roses and jasmine to taste 

_Get ready to get lost in a small quirky village


(I also live in a small town but unfortunately the thing has no quirkiness at all to it. Also I would be crazy to walk amongst its tiny dark streets in the centre of the old part of the city at night...

 Fortunately I have my own Garden, so not all is lost! :D)


_Finally, get ready to meet the love of your life: He's really tall... and big... and sees himself as a Beast, but in truth he's just this big teddy bear who just wants to be loved, forever and ever.

Now we know, you have some trust issues, because parents *emotional vampires that they are* have sucked the life out of you (oh, wait, that's me -_-)... but remember that he'll always be waiting for you.

He'll give you everything you want... like... soft, creamy deserts in the shape of a rose:


Not this! Non! An amazing rose made of chocolate with beautiful petals hiding this creamy pastry of.... -_- something! :D 


The only thing he asks is that you'll be by his side forever and ever... and can you please stop mentioning other pretty handsome man? Jolie, you know he has the self confidence of a meringue!






 Poor guy :/


As you can see this was a sweet with bits of insane to it romance with likeable characters and laughing out loud dialogues as only the author knows out to do. 

There were some points that threatened to become a little problematic _ the first time they look at one another  or even the way Gabriel asks her on a date _ but the author _ for me _ was able to avoid a disaster. That is not to say, that I wasn't a little concerned about what I was reading...

Luckilly the author knows how to balance the more serious aspects with some heavy doses of silliness so I just let it pass.


Also the fact that not one, but the two of them are constantly thinking about sex _ although Jolie might beat Gabriel at it _ was a funny change.


p.s. In case there's any doubt _ I think it's unlikely, but strange things happen _ you know the stuff in the dialogue balloons?

I made them up. Please do not bother the author about my atrocious writing skills. 


Also, for those who aren't aware of it, this story can be read as part of two different series: As the prequel for the Vie en Rose series, or as the third volume in the "Amour et Chocolat" series. 




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