When a Scot Ties the Knot

When a Scot Ties the Knot - Tessa Dare

Much like what happened with the first book in this series, I loved reading this story.

If you're a fan of intelligent heroines _ who may or may not feel a strong attachment to a pair of lobsters..._ and brooding heroes _ who don't think a kilt is a skirt_, this is just the story for you.


"Maddie was, by nature, an observer.(..) And she had a great deal of experience observing the mating rituals of many strange and wondrous creatures, from English aristocrats to cabbage moths."


Her lobsters are called Fluffy and Rex...

 Don't judge, we'd be giving names to our fleas if we lived back then!


So, young Maddie is one of us nerds. She prefers to read to basically... everything. Unless we're talking about drawing.  You see, Maddie is an artist.


And when confronted with the need to mingle with actual people, she gets a little a lot stressed out (okay, that's me -_-).

 Now in a time when a woman success was defined by the marriage she would make, one could say that Maddie was in a bit of a pickle.


So, what is a girl to do when your stubborn family insists that you should go out and mingle?

And more worrisome than that, insist that you find a significant other?

Ah! If only! :/

The family insists on a two legged specimen  -_-



So, what is a girl to do besides inventing a boyfriend? Not much, right?

(not that I know anything about it! Although I did try to make up a boyfriend for my aunt ; but that's another story.)

That's how Capt. Logan Mckenzie comes to exist. A convenient fiancée ready to act as a buffer every time Maddie's family would insist that she would go out to balls and other couldn't be less interested about it stuff.

A couple years later the ruse is still on, and Maddie feels that it is time to end to whole deal.

So, so long Capt. McDreamy: Boom, you're dead.



Maddie doesn't even mind the mourning period, because she gets to live in her own castle and having the time of her life doing what she likes best. Life is good.

But then one day this Highlander dude appears at her door claiming to be her fiancée.

Her dead fiancée.

Maddie is obviously stressed about it, because, hello?



What follows next is just as crazy as you'd expect in a Tessa Dare novel. The pace is good _ although it does slow a little when some... characters go MIA _ the characters have a great chemistry, and all in all this is a great novel to read if you're in the mood for some insane historical romance.

Definitely recommended, because obviously I prefer crazy to big drama llama.