September Reads

  15 Reads... with some short stories in the middle ;)


A Nearer Moon - Melanie Crowder A Wish Upon Jasmine (La Vie en Roses) (Volume 2) - Laura Florand Dreaming of You - Lisa Kleypas Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond - Kim Harrison When a Scot Ties the Knot: Castles Ever After - Tessa Dare


A Pocket Full of Murder - R.J. Anderson Crossed - Eliza CreweTurning Up the Heat - Laura Florand The Scorpion Rules - Erin Bow Atoning - Kelley Armstrong


Ashes of Honor - Seanan McGuire Chimes at Midnight - Seanan McGuire Through This House (October Daye, #4.1) - Seanan McGuire The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire Rat-Catcher - Seanan McGuire


So, what did I read during September?

Confirming what lately has become the rule, I pretty much hated the arcs that I read:


"A Nearer Moon" - 2.5 Stars ( children's fiction)


"A Pocket Full of Murder" - 2 Stars ( children's fiction)


"The Scorpion Rules"- 2 Stars ( Ya/ NA/ dystopia)


September was also the month in which I decided to pick up my favourite series and do a re-read of the two previous books that I had read. As I found no fault with them, I decided to maintain their five star rating:


"Ashes of Honor" ( October Daye #6)  - 5 Stars (urban fantasy)


"Chimes At Midnight"  (October Daye #7) - 5 Stars (urban fantasy)


As for the follow up, "The Winter Long" (October Daye #8) I gave it 4 Stars


Then I read the short "Through This House" ( October Daye #4.1) - 3 Stars

Beware, there's gigantic spiders in it! ( short-story)


And "Rat Catcher" ( a Tybalt Story) - 3 Stars (short story)


So technically I didn't read the entire anthologies in which both these last two shorts appeared -_-


I read two novellas:


"Turning up the Heat" by Laura Florand - 2 Stars ( contemporary romance)


"Atoning" ( Darkest Powers world) - 3 Stars ( Ya)


I also read the final instalment in Eliza Crewe's Sould Eater series, and it was good

"Crossed (Soul Eater #3)" - 4.5 Stars (YA)


A romantic comedy "When A scot Ties the Knot" - 4 Stars ( historical fiction/ Humour)


I actually managed to finish an entire anthology: although it did take me about two months to do it:" Into the Woods: Tales from The Hollows" - 3 Stars ( anthologies/ urban fantasy)


I also read "Dreaming of You" by Lisa Kleypas - 2 Stars ( historical romance)


And last, but definitely not least ( one of my favourite reads in September) is Laura Florand's "A Wish Upon Jasmine ( La Vie En Rose series #2) - 4 Stars (contemporary romance)



All in all, this was a good month reading wise.