Why I hate Autumn -_-

Reason Number one_ Up until five minutes ago my hair was actually pretty good. The curls and the waves were actually defined, and the thing was actually SOFT.

Now, after having suffered some mild rain... not even rain, but a drizzle, it's a MESS!

I look like a depressed terrier.


Reason number Two- Depressed weather that goes so well with my depressed self!


Reason number Three - I am always cold!


Reason number Four - I am always looking for that patch of sun, that will end up leaving me sick!


Reason number Five - Long coats and umbrellas!


Reason number six - The Weeds in my garden will start to grow!


Reason number seven - The hour that soon will be changing: I want my hour back!


Reason number eight - COLDS and sore throats!



my grumpy self


Positives: Okay, I don't have to water the garden for the time being. -_-