Again, My Lord

Again, My Lord: A Twist Series Novel - Katharine Ashe

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What to say of "Again, My Lord", the second volume in "A Twist" series?

Well, first of all that this could actually be read before [book:My Lady, My Lord|21438524].

The reason why I am telling you this, is because it has been awhile since I've read that first volume and let's just say that the characters names _ with the exception of the leading characters_ were somewhat "faded" in my memory.*cough*

That lead to a small case of nerves _to say the least_ because for a moment I thought that Calista was actually the daughter of the couple of the main book!
Which she wasn't/isn't: Thank God!

This was basically my reaction while reading the initial part of the story: What? No! Lord Chance did what? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!OMG,NO!
No! NO! Why are you ruining my perfect OTP?

So in case you're a little like me _ head in the clouds and easily distracted by things such as...DATES! And names_ pay attention:
~You're welcome. Now go and appreciate the book~

This story as we can read in the synopsis is a romantic tale told in the "peculiar" way of the movie The Ground hog day: One character gets to relieve over and over a single day... much to her frustration and despair.
I admit however that there was a moment in which I got a little tired of the whole repetition of days.

Thankfully the author was able to deal with this situation by introducing new titbits almost every single day, as well a much needed upgrade in the main characters thinking mechanism.
~basically they went from idiots who didn't know how to listen to one another, to people who actually understood the conversation they were having~

To say that these two idiots could use some lessons in the comprehension department was to put it mildly, and apparently the only way for them to overcome those difficulties regarding their behaviour was to make them repeat things. A lot.
A little like dogs. -_-

Okay, jokes aside, this book deals with domestic and child violence in a way that never sounds disrespectful or clumsy.
But my biggest praise to this story has to be the way that I was feeling towards the main characters by the end of this: For people who start out not that bright _ yeah, I don't care if you are DARE. You were still an idiot_ they do manage to grow up nicely.
That means that if in the beginning of the tale, I was not that convinced by their prospective romance, towards the end I was more than their fan.
So, yes, this romance did manage to win me over.
However "My Lady, My Lord" is so far still my favourite novel in this series. And I say so far, because there is going to be more volumes. :D

Next victim I mean leading character: Evie. Calista's and Ian's sister.