Reading progress update: I've read 251 out of 381 pages.

Bookishly Ever After - Isabel Bandeira

This book! Arggh!

It is as if all the arcs I read have to "fail me".

This started out so good: I like the writing, the characters, the fact that Phoebe is a book nerd...

but the thing is that this story seems to have been written as if we were watching a tv Disney series... a whole season of it. -_- Therefore, there's a lot of the same old same...

Phoebe goes to school. Phoebe manages to read a few pages of her favourite _ romance_ books in classes. Then Phoebe goes to lunch, where she manages to read a little more amongst conversations with her friends...then Phoebe manages the difficult art of reading while walking for other classes...then there's some sort of instrument practice...then I guess she goes home and knits...and falls asleep at three of four am, because BOOKS.

This girl's vitality is amazing.

You know what she doesn't seem to do?

Homework. -_-

Not a single mention of it until now.

The thing is, despite Phoebe liking strong female characters in her romances, she's actually a really lame one. And I'm getting tired of her antics. Jeez