Book recommendations

Why do I keep getting upset that a certain person keeps recommending me books (on GR's) that don't have anything to do with me?

There's so many things in my life that already get to me, so why do I care about this?

Is it because I feel as if she is trying to "educate" me on what I should read?

Yes, I only rarely read literary fiction: I don't care. I take anti-depressives every day. Most days I hate my life. I read for escapism. That doesn't mean that I don't like quality reads.

Or is because after awhile we know what our "friends" mostly like to read, so her constant reco-dumping is becoming tiresome to deal with. Especially since I don't even click on the "like" of the books she keeps recommending to me. *hint, hint*

I am considering just commenting on her review how happy I am that she enjoyed the book, but that I would find it extremely boring... but then I'll probably upset her :/

I am once again rambling :/

I don't mind book recommendations if they're specific for me... and not for other ten or twenty people.

I know I am coming out as petty, but I am not that type of person. I am just tired of everything.