Shallow Graves - Kali Wallace
"The patchwork girl I had stitched together was gone. She had never existed at all.
She had been less real than the wisp of a shadow. There was only me."

The minute I started this, it was easy to see that the author wanted to hit all the "right" buttons with this story: moving it as far away as possible from the usual ya "tropes". Unfortunately, the execution is extremely flawed when compared with the awesome concept.

The main character Breezy _ yeah, the irony of a walking corpse with that sort of name _is Asian... but then that is only used to reinforce stereotypes. Like being good at maths and sciences. She's even short -_-
She is also bisexual, but it isn't as if that has any relevance in the story.

The worst thing, is that this story had so much potential, but then it just goes of track.
The beginning is haunting as hell, and extremely well done.  Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for things to become extremely confusing: just when I thought this would follow the psycho crazy religious people route; this gets detoured and Breezy gets acquainted with a vast group of characters that would be right at home at Doc Xavier's Academy, if you know what I mean...

This needed a good editing, because being spooky and mysterious just wasn't enough for this tale.
We're reading a fiction book, not a philosophy assignment: answers are most definitely needed.

Yes, it isn't as if all good books deliver perfect responses to whatever has been happening in their stories: sometimes it is good to just imagine all the possibilities ( and yes, the author does try this approach). Unfortunately, that approach doesn't work with the way this was written.
There's a lot of messy chapters, characters walking on cemeteries without you having a clue how they got there...
But most importantly,  there's too many unanswered questions about Breezy:
_Why was that man digging up her grave?
_Who told him she was there?
_ How where she able to rise from the dead?
_ Was a magician involved? If yes, who?

I am sorry, but this needed more. I needed more.
However I'll end by saying that this had such a cool concept, that I'll be on the lookout for the author's future works.

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