So I've discovered a couple of gardening sites that have some seeds I've dying to get my hands on -_- although I don't know if I am going to be able to develop peonies from seeds.

The one I have came out of a root, so, I don't know.


Also one of those gardening sites has the actual plants to ship in Portugal, which is awesome... besides the fact that I keep finding new bushes and trees that I would love to plant on my garden... where? I don't know. I'm thinking POTS because I don't have any more space left. o_O

I bought some protea seeds a couple weeks ago *snort*, and I am so scared by them, that you wouldn't believe it: failure is a great possibility.


Then I also have some Aquilegia seeds that I still haven't planted because... RAIN!

You wouldn't believe how much it has been raining over here. Enough already!

I need sun. I need warm breezes. So does my dog. We're both too old for this weather.

C'mon! It is Spring!