Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Roses and Rot - Kat Howard

I am still not sure about what to do with this book: on one side, I don't think I'll give it more than two stars, and that's because of one of characters inner monologue. Maybe because at parts I feel some sort of kinship to what she went through ( not that I suffered any type of physical abuse, but mental that's another story), and I like the parallelisms to what she creates in her writing.

BUT, the other part, the so called actual STORY with its actual characters, it just feels like a draft. A draft in which the writer seems to be more determined in trying to define what it means to be an artist.

A story _ for me_ has to have something more, I'll call it texture, and this doesn't have it. Flat storytelling. Flat characters. Flat relationships. I

This here, makes me want to just DNF it immediately.