I've found another site

that sells seeds online (my latest obsession) and they have lots and lots of campanulas seeds. And different Aquilegias ( well, I am still waiting for the "regular ones" to bloom).


This means that I am doomed. -_-

In the meanwhile, I was able to save a clematis. I bought some product to stimulate its roots and the thing worked! :D

Because the winter was extremely rainy, my beautiful three year old Mandevilla also took a turn for the worse, and now I am left waiting that the root product will do its magic on its tuberculous roots.


On another hand I am still waiting to see some life on my Protea seeds: stubborn seeds.


Today I planted some baby Foxgloves ( or what was sold to me as Foxglove) surrounding my southern Magnolia, and I can't wait to see the flowers.


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