"I took a few deep breaths. Lon and Jupe were staring at me in that Oh-Shit, Female-Is-Crying sort of way. “I’m fine,” I said, sniffing and brushing tears off my cheeks. “I’m fine.
“Maybe you’re, you know.” Jupe squinted at me knowingly.
“Know what?”
He gave me a superior look. “Oh, you know. ‘That time.’ ” He made air quotations with one hand. “Women get weird then. I’ve noticed a lot of girls crying at school on the same days. Kiya said it’s because when girls spend a lot of time around each other, they start to, you know, on the same schedule.”
“Well, right now I’m not, ‘you knowing,’ ” I air quoted him back. “But thanks for teaching me about my own body.”
“You’re welcome,” he said seriously. “See. I’m learning all kinds of things at school. Last year none of the girls were crying. But this year? Whew! Watch out, buddy.”
“Why does God hate me?” Lon murmured."

I know this is quite a long quote, but i just had to share it!

The person doing most of the talking is Jupe, Lon's fourteen old son...and Jupe has a lot of ideas...and the kid really likes to talk!


From "Binding the Shadows" by Jenn Bennett