Binding the Shadows - Jenn Bennett
That ending really brutal!! How am i supposed to hold on until MAY, for crying out loud??? OH MY GOD!! I NEED AN ARC!! ASAP...LIKE NOW....

My feelings, my emotions...i may have become so addicted to this series that a re-read may be in order...oh, boy.

This story, well this time Cady and Lon are pulled by the Hellfire leader Dare to investigate a strange outburst of criminal activities in their town. 
When to that, one adds the Christmas period (with Lon's ex-wife bound to make an appearance)and in-laws, Cady is about to get one hell of a time. 

Then there's Cady's strange Moonchild gifs that seem to be dangerously shifting...her friend Pryia returns with a somewhat different presence...and, oh, yes, her psycho mother may be alive...
Can't this woman catch a break??
Oh, and as usual i just LOVE Lon and Jupe!