I've read 20%

Faithful: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

Things I should know when reading an Alice Hoffman's story or why I should avoid her latest stories...


First of all, you know when people say "when it pours it rains."?

Well, in Alice Hoffman's stories particular situation, not only does it rain, it thunders.

Then it has some cyclones thrown in there just for the shock of the thing...

Some flooding because Heaven forbid the main character from having a moment of calm sea. Maybe some cans of pepper spray thrown just randomly, just to keep the insanity of the thing from not abating...


Why, oh why, can't the author just stay on one depressive subject a book at a time?!

Does, she think depression isn't enough?

suicide attempts? Self cutting? She has to go and get the girl raped as well?!

(show spoiler)

And then she has to go and add some tiny little word or innuendo to breast cancer, and I hate her for it. I hate it that she still tries to romanticize something in it. In this case its because of how the character looks.

Maybe I am projecting, I don't know any more, but I've become tired of her constant stories with sick characters ( and who end up dying of breast cancer). Maybe that's her way of exorcise that "ghost" from her life, but as a reader I've had it.

People who have read her work, can probably say, "oh I bet it isn't as bad as it was on the Story sisters.."

And you would be right. I don't think nothing can be worse than that story, although I did count a great amount of people being killed on "Starlight Confessions"...

And then I get completely mad, but even so I can't stop reading.