The Mostly True Story of Jack - Kelly Barnhill


This is the third book I've read by Kelly Barnhill, and as the other two that I've previously read, it is exquisitely written. It is also atmospheric as hell and not proper to the faint of heart.
The story... you know those books that you get at the end, and you're heartbroken and slightly confused by what you've read?
Well, this is one of those, so heads up! Also, and I've probably mentioned this on my reviews of the author's other books (The Witch's Son and The Girl Who Drank the Moon), I don't know if middle graders are the right crowd for this book. Honestly, the only people I see enjoying this are adults. Jaded adults probably, lol
I don't even know how to proper define this book: mystery? Adventure? Magical Realism? Fantasy? Horror?
It has all of that and much more.
It's about growing up and discovering who you really are, and in the end fulfilling your role in life.
The beginning is creepy as hell. In fact, If I had the will _ which I don't at the time _ I would go and re-read Coraline, because I found this one much more creepier that Gaiman's work.
This one is about kids gone missing, sentient houses, bargains gone wrong and all the ties that connect us to our families.
Ordinary families and strange families all alike.