Sacrificial Magic - Stacia Kane
This has become one of my favorite series, and reading it, leaves me with a somewhat bittersweet feeling. I love the main couple: Chess and Terrible. Their intensity, their chemistry, even the way Terrible talks_ as most of Downsiders do _ has gotten under my skin. And i love them for it.
They are original in a literary world where characters tend to look very much alive.

But the way Chess takes pills like they're candy makes me cringe, and wonder how she can get anything done at all,(and i do question, how she hasn't OD by now..) but i do like her, and i would really like seeing her get by, each and single day with a lot less drugs in her organism...

But if i had to choose between a "new" Chess and the "old one" i would still go with the latter. The author really proved her point in the final pages of the story...BUT...i really hope that the way she feels towards Terrible will help her fight some demons in her life, instead of using all those pills and other drugs.

My point, my dear, is that there is no garantee in the world. But i believe 'this better to take the chance, even if we later fail, than to never try. I believe the joy is worth it. That is my feeling.