Goodreads hipocrisy

I admit,  i have been reading some reviews on Goodreads, regarding the book that i'm currently reading.

This is a habit of mine. If i don't find the story appealing enough, i will start reading reviews to see if i'm the only one who's having problems with it. O_O


During this, i came across an attempt at a review by....a woman who shelved it as "don't read-rated r-avoid-this-author...

Whatever may have caused this, you might ask..


Well, apparently the book that takes place in Christmas, has some shocking sex scenes!! The scandal!!


Not really!!

It's a Lisa Kleypas book for crying out loud!!


So here's the thing:

Goodreads wants to flag our shelves?

Well i'm gonna start flagging them as well!


But i'm gonna flag the ones they couldn't care less about! The ones written by those preachy " GR characters", that don't mind reading a thriller in which a child is killed, but start screaming at the top of their lungs, if there's a sex scene!!