A beautifully written and engaging story

Thorns - Kate Avery Ellison

My emotions when i finished it:

It's three o'clock in the morning, and i've just finished this amazing book ....and i'm speechless, because everything that i wanted "Frost" to be, this one was!


The writing...once again i have to mention it : _It was freaking perfect, the descriptions were spot on, like what had happened with the first book!


I'm not only reading the words, i'm there, feeling the snow crunching beneath my feet. I'm there running amongst the forest....and i'm there watching the despair of all those people losing what few liberties they had left in that conservative regime, and having to fight against all and everything. Against long forgotten monsters and tirants who have invaded their lands. And i'm there seeing two people fall in love...

Those who want power will never stop, until all they wish to conquer is under their rule. But when everything is taken, heros will rise... Some will risk their lifes, others may only offer a helping hand, but in the end, changes will become unstopable, and nothing will ever be the same.

The interactions between the characters were flawless. Between family members, friends, neighbours...they were all beautifully crafted.

I admit, what i didn't feel towards Gabe, i felt it towards Adam....honestly, i wouldn't even mind if Gabe wouldn't appear in the third volume...this may sound harsh, but honestly i didn't miss him. The story was interesting enough to keep me engaged, and just that growing awareness that we see developing between Lia and Adam, made me a happy reader.