So far, my favourite "Walker Papers" book :)

Spirit Dances - C.E. Murphy
So far, my favourite book in the series!
From reticent shaman to someone who finally feels confortable in her skin, Joanne's character has really undergo some monumental changes.

She continues to be her same "funny" self. She has one of the craziest senses of humour i've met in a book, and then she's surrounded by a vast number of interesting and complex characters, like her colleague Billy, who up until a few books ago, used to appear in the police precint in high heels and dresses. I would say he could borrow them from his wife, but Melinda is a lot shorter....

Despite Joanne's shamanic abbilities, i have to say that this story felt more grounded in "reality" (lol, yeah,)so i was able to focus better on the story.

I'm just sorry, that the romance wasn't dealed in another way. Because the potencial for something even more gripping was there!! Don't get me wrong, compared to the previous ones, this story made me want to cry out:

But, for heaven sake, they're grown ups!!

(most of the times...that is, when they're in human form, cough)

Talk to one another!!

Sure, (view spoiler)

And another thing, i would really like to read a book of the Walker Papers, with a lot of Gary and Morrison time!! Lately it seems that we can only have one!! They're great characters, don't keep them on the bench!! 

And just because Joanne broke up with Thor that doesn't mean he can't appear anymore on the series. She was crazy about cars, i think it would be logical if she would continue to make some excursions to the garage.
All said, although i still have some issues with it, i have to give the series its worth, so yeah, i'm really looking forward in reading the next one!
What can i say?
I'm addicted to Joanne and Morrison!